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UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)


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Physical Education
Name Role Rank
Marguerite Hussey Unspecified Assistant Professor
Maybelle Rathes Unspecified
Summer term, 1914 only.
Roy Seymour Head Professor
Monica Wild Unspecified Instructor
Allen Berkstrasser Unspecified Instructor
Margaret Nisbet Unspecified Instructor
Name Role Rank
Anna Childs Unspecified Professor
Charles Fullerton Head Professor
John Frampton Unspecified Professor
Lowell Welles Unspecified
Absent, 1913-1914.
Grace Giberson Unspecified Instructor
Harriet Case Unspecified Professor
Lola Kofoed Unspecified
Resigned December 1913.
Bertha Hart Unspecified
Appointed January 1914.
John Conrad Unspecified Instructor
Hulda Stenwall Unspecified Assistant Professor
Commercial Education
Name Role Rank
Harry Cummins Head Professor
Roy Coffey Unspecified Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Beatrice Wilbur Assistant Registrar Unspecified
Natural Science
Name Role Rank
Emmett Cable Unspecified Professor
George Newton Unspecified Professor
William Davis Unspecified Professor
Ephraim Palmer Unspecified Instructor
Alison Aitchison Unspecified Assistant Professor
Melvin Arey Head Professor
Hallie Jennings Unspecified
Summer term, 1914 only.
Violin, and Orchestral and Band Music
Name Role Rank
Barzille Merrill Head Professor
Alma Cutler Unspecified Instructor
Training in Teaching
Name Role Rank
Lulu Stevens Critic Teacher in Music
Resigned June 5, 1914.
Assistant Professor
Etta Crampton Unspecified Assistant Professor
Florence Ward Unspecified Professor
Eva Luse Unspecified Professor
Mattie Hatcher Unspecified
Resigned to serve as Training School Director, State Normal School, Kentucky, July 24, 1914.
Harriet Bye Unspecified Assistant
Bruce Francis Unspecified
Instructor in Economics, summer term, 1914.
D. Cohoon Unspecified
Resigned to teach at State Normal School, Albion, Idaho, effective July 24, 1914.
Sarah Dixon Unspecified Assistant
Eleanor Gray Unspecified Assistant
Edith Riland Unspecified Assistant
Elizabeth Hughes Unspecified Professor
Marguerite Uttley Unspecified Assistant
Lucy Harris Unspecified Assistant
Lola Hughes Unspecified Assistant
Emma Rait Unspecified Assistant
Frances Shambaugh Unspecified Assistant
Ida Fesenbeck Unspecified Professor
Lou Shepherd Critic in Training Assistant
Elsie Williams Unspecified Assistant
George Dick Head
Resigned to become President, State Normal School, Kearney, Nebraska, July 24, 1914.
Anna Millard Unspecified Instructor
Mae Cresswell Unspecified Assistant Professor
Florence Correll Unspecified Assistant Professor
Amy Arey Unspecified
Summer term, 1914 only.
Gertrude Dandliker Unspecified Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Homer Seerley President Unspecified
Marion Walker Dean of Women; Social Ethics and Faculty Visitor Unspecified
James Robinson Superintendent of Construction and of Buildings and Grounds Unspecified
Homer Silliman Treasurer Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Bertha Martin Unspecified Professor
Lenore Shanewise Unspecified Assistant Professor
Lillian Lambert Unspecified Professor
John Barnes Unspecified Professor
Jennette Carpenter Unspecified Professor
William Gist Unspecified Professor
Eva Gregg Unspecified Assistant Professor
Samuel Lynch Head Professor
Laura Falkler Unspecified Assistant Professor
Mary Hearst Unspecified Assistant Professor
Chloe Siner Unspecified Instructor
Margaret Oliver Unspecified Assistant Professor
Manual Arts
Name Role Rank
Charles Bailey Head Professor
Alma McMahon Unspecified Instructor
Clark Brown Unspecified Instructor
Name Role Rank
Anne Duncan Librarian Unspecified
Ethel Arey Loan Desk Assistant
Resigned due to illness, effective July 24, 1914.
Mary Burton Reference Assistant Unspecified
Ruth Woolman Cataloger Unspecified
Hazel Askey Assistant Cataloger Unspecified
Ruby Charlton Assistant Librarian Unspecified
Mattie Fargo Cataloger Unspecified
Mary Martin Loan Desk Assistant Unspecified
Home Economics
Name Role Rank
Olive Young Head Professor
Alice Heinz Unspecified Instructor
Florence Freer Unspecified Instructor
Bertha Goff Unspecified Instructor
Lulu Stallman Unspecified Instructor
Name Role Rank
David Wright Unspecified
Senior professor of the faculty.
Edna Allen Unspecified Instructor
Robert Daugherty Unspecified Instructor
Charles Cory Registrar and Examiner Professor
Emma Lambert Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ira Condit Head Professor
Emery Watson Unspecified
Summer term, 1914 only.
Name Role Rank
Anna McGovern Unspecified Professor
George Samson Unspecified Professor
George Walters Unspecified Professor
George Mount Unspecified Professor
Edith Buck Unspecified Professor
Macy Campbell Unspecified Professor
Irving Hart Field Supervisor of Extension
Spring term, 1914.
Chauncey Colegrove Head
Acting President in absence or disability of the President.
Cliff Stone Unspecified
Summer term, 1914 only.
Name Role Rank
Henry Peterson Government and History
Absent, 1913-1914.
William Morgan Government and Economics Instructor
Charles Meyerholz Head Professor
Physics and Chemistry
Name Role Rank
Robert Getchell Chemistry
Absent, 1913-1914.
Perry Bond Chemistry Professor
Samuel Hersey Unspecified Professor
Orlan Read Chemistry Instructor
James Perrine Physics Professor
Louis Begeman Head Professor
Name Role Rank
Effie Schuneman Unspecified
Absent, 1913-1914.
Bertha Patt Unspecified Professor
Anna Iverson Unspecified
Substitute instructor, 1913-1914.
Henrietta Thornton Head Professor
Latin and Greek
Name Role Rank
Myra Call Unspecified Professor
Frank Merchant Head Professor
German and French
Name Role Rank
Clara Nolte German Instructor
John Knoepfler Head Professor
Charlotte Lorenz German Instructor
Name Role Rank
Sara Rice Unspecified Professor
Miriam Brooks Unspecified
Summer term, 1914 only.
Sara Riggs Head Professor
Name Role Rank
Reuben McKitrick Head Professor
Name Role Rank
Julia Hurd Home Economics
Began January 1, 1914.

The UNI Faculty Roster includes faculty and some staff members, and is compiled from a variety of sources, including yearbooks, UNI budget books, and UNI Faculty Senate documents. Please note that this database is a reference aid only and is not an official record of UNI's Human Resource Services. 

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