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UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)


Displaying 1 - 214 of 214 Faculty Members
Name Role Rank
Homer Seerley President Unspecified
Leslie Reed Advisor of Men; Advisor of Freshmen Unspecified
Benjamin Boardman College Secretary Unspecified
Marion Walker Dean of Women Unspecified
Ida Fesenbeck Secretary, Bureau of Recommendations; Assistant Registrar Unspecified
James Robinson Superintendent of Construction and of Buildings and Grounds Unspecified
Frank Jackson Treasurer Unspecified
Melvin Arey Curator of the Museum Unspecified
David Wright Supervisor of Religious Education
Senior Professor.
Name Role Rank
George Walters Head Professor
Anna McGovern Unspecified Professor
George Samson Unspecified Professor
George Mount Unspecified Professor
Hugh Buffum Unspecified Professor
John Charles Unspecified Professor
Joseph Paul Unspecified Professor
Amy Arey Unspecified
Winter term; substitute for Mary L. Dougherty.
Mary Dougherty Unspecified Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Marguerite Uttley Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Lillian Hottman Unspecified Assistant
Ruth Golinvaux Rural Demonstration School Critic
Supervisor of East Waterloo Township.
Hope Graham Principal and Critic in High School Unspecified
Abbie Leatherberry Critic Assistant
Annamae Gorman Rural Demonstration School Critic
School number 6, Cedar Falls Township.
Louise Putzke Critic in Primary Teaching and Primary Supervisor Unspecified
Mary Reed Unspecified Assistant
Sadie Thompson Rural Demonstration School Critic
Cedar City School.
Blanche Lovett Critic in Primary Teaching Unspecified
Jesse Shedd Unspecified Assistant
Mary Bond Rural Demonstration School Critic
Cedar Heights School.
Hazel Byrnes Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Pearle Tallman Unspecified Assistant
Lulu Moser Rural Demonstration School Critic
Number 1, Lincoln Township.
Laura Remer Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Rowena Greeley Unspecified
Resigned February 5, 1919.
Anna Arnold Rural Demonstration School Critic
Mark's School.
Olive Tilton Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Gladys Kelley Unspecified Assistant
Freada Lantz Rural Demonstration School Critic
Finchford School.
Kathryn Marshall Unspecified Assistant
Bessie Butts Rural Demonstration School Critic
Mullinex School.
Rose Pifer Rural Demonstration School Critic
Beaver Vally School; two months.
Hazel Bouder Unspecified Assistant
Alma Kiesel Rural Demonstration School Critic
Beaver Valley School, one month.
Eva Luse Assistant Director Unspecified
Vesta Morris Unspecified Assistant
Dorothy Shining Rural Demonstration School Critic
Beaver Valley School, five and one half months.
Charles Kline Assistant Director Unspecified
Agnes Allender Unspecified Assistant
Pearl Gray Unspecified
Resigned December 18, 1918.
Amelia Anderson Rural Demonstration School Critic
Benson School, six and one half months.
Belle Scofield Supervisor of Primary Teaching Unspecified
Irene Guetzloff Unspecified Assistant
Iva Patterson Rural Demonstration School Critic
School number 7, Cedar Falls Township.
Corinne Brown Supervisor of Kindergarten and First Primary Teaching Unspecified
Ruth Kennedy Unspecified Assistant
Aurelia Stockdale Rural Demonstration School Critic
Number 9, Cedar Falls Township.
Mae Cresswell Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Lois Morris Unspecified
Resigned December 3, 1918.
Agnes Barnes Rural Demonstration School Critic
Castle Hill School.
Joy Mahachek Unspecified Assistant
Mabel Rehder Rural Demonstration School Critic
Cedar Heights School.
Miriam Miller Unspecified Assistant
H. Burdick Rural Demonstration School Critic
Cedar Heights School.
Sylvia Seybert Unspecified Assistant
Bernice Talcott Rural Demonstration School Critic
Virden School.
Genevieve Bendorf Unspecified
Resigned March 11, 1919.
Hazel Bramer Rural Demonstration School Critic
Cedar Heights School.
Annabelle Pollock Unspecified Assistant
Nina Board Rural Demonstration School Critic
Number 3, Lincoln Township.
Agnes Christensen Rural Demonstration School Critic
Benson School, two months.
Frances Raymond Unspecified Assistant
Eulalie Turner Assistant Critic in Teaching Assistant
Mary Murphy Unspecified Assistant
Mary Caldwell Unspecified Assistant
Elizabeth Fullerton Unspecified Assistant
Mabel Turner Unspecified Assistant
Agnes Rice Assistant Critic Assistant
Lou Shepherd Critic in Kindergarten Teaching Unspecified
Annie Teerink Unspecified Assistant
Euphemia Rait Critic in Primary Teaching Unspecified
Nina Baumgardner Critic in Primary Teaching Unspecified
Mabel Harkin Unspecified Assistant
Lettie Walsh Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Faith Kiddoo Critic in Home Economics Teaching Unspecified
Haziel Linderman Unspecified Assistant
Grace Tear Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Hazel Aldrich Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Bertha Stiles Unspecified Assistant
Frances Shambaugh Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Elsie Williams Critic in Teaching Unspecified
Nelle Ayers Unspecified Assistant
Name Role Rank
Charles Meyerholz Head Professor
Henry Peterson Unspecified Professor
Mary Hunter Government and Economics Instructor
Wesley Gewehr Unspecified Professor
Natural Science
Name Role Rank
Elizabeth Moulton Unspecified Assistant Professor
R. Salter Unspecified Assistant Professor
William Lockhart Unspecified
On leave for US Navy service, beginning December 19, 1917.
Assistant Professor
Roy Abbott Unspecified Assistant Professor
Emmett Cable Head Professor
George Newton Unspecified Professor
Alison Aitchison Unspecified Professor
William Davis Unspecified Professor
Ephraim Palmer Unspecified
On leave for US Navy service, September 11, 1918-February 3, 1919.
Winfield Scott Unspecified Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Charles Cory Registrar and Examiner Unspecified
Beatrice Wilbur Assistant Registrar Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Gladys Hooper Unspecified Assistant Professor
George Samson Piano Associate Professor
Charles Fullerton Head Professor
Anna Childs Voice and Musical History Professor
John Frampton Piano and Organ Professor
Lowell Welles Voice Professor
Harriet Case Voice
Leave of absence, January 2, 1919-June 3, 1919.
Elizabeth Dix Voice
Substitute for Harriet Case, January 2-June 3, 1919.
Elizabeth Platner Piano Professor
Ernest Zechiel Piano and Theory of Music
On leave for duration of war in US Navy Service, ended June 4, 1919.
Theresa Wild Unspecified Instructor
Elizabeth Burney Unspecified Professor
Neva Swanson Piano Instructor
Elizabeth Dicks Unspecified
Substitute, winter term, 1918-1919, only.
George Darsie Unspecified
Substitute for Harriet Case, spring term, 1919, only.
Extension Service
Name Role Rank
Irving Hart Director
Leave of absence for duration of war for Army YMCA work; April 22, 1918-April 9, 1919.
John McGlade Acting Director of Extension
Acting Director, until March 12, 1919; on leave for Army YMCA work, beginning March 12, 1919.
Name Role Rank
Reuben McKitrick Head
Leave of absence, January 27, 1919-June 3, 1919.
Waldo Mitchell Unspecified Assistant Professor
David Green Economics
Substitute, January 27, 1919-June 3, 1919, for Reuben McKitrick.
Name Role Rank
Henrietta Thornton Head Professor
Bertha Patt Unspecified Professor
Effie Schuneman Unspecified Assistant Professor
Rural Education
Name Role Rank
Hugh Moeller Unspecified Associate Professor
O. Hamer Unspecified Associate Professor
John Boatman Unspecified Associate Professor
W. Still Unspecified Associate Professor
Ida Huglin Unspecified Instructor
L. Van Houten Unspecified
On leave for US Army service, beginning April 1, 1918.
F. Fuller Unspecified Professor
Albert Fuller Unspecified Professor
John Slacks Unspecified Professor
Macy Campbell Head Professor
Edward Goetch Unspecified Professor
Harry Eells Unspecified
On leave for Army YMCA war work, beginning April 8, 1918.
Commercial Education
Name Role Rank
Harry Cummins Head Professor
J. Hilgert Unspecified Instructor
Name Role Rank
Anne Duncan Librarian Unspecified
Ruby Charlton Assistant Librarian Unspecified
Ethel Shields Reference Librarian Unspecified
Rowena Edwards Head Cataloger Unspecified
Rachel Ogle Circulation Unspecified
Harriett Kidder Assistant Cataloger Unspecified
Mary Martin Loan Desk Assistant Unspecified
Ethel Baxter Assistant Librarian Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Samuel Lynch Head Professor
Jennette Carpenter Unspecified Professor
Anna Sorenson Unspecified
Summer term 1919 only.
William Gist Unspecified Professor
Esther Hurwich Unspecified
On leave to study at Columbia University, spring term 1919.
Bertha Martin Unspecified Professor
Lillian Lambert Unspecified
Leave of absence, fall term.
John Barnes Unspecified
On leave during period of war for Army YMCA work; began March 28, 1918.
Eva Gregg Unspecified Assistant Professor
Lenore Shanewise Unspecified Professor
Laura Falkler Unspecified Assistant Professor
Mary Hearst Unspecified Assistant Professor
William Fagan Unspecified Assistant Professor
Laura Benedict Unspecified
Summer term, 1919 only.
Luella Wright Unspecified
Fall term, 1918, and spring term, 1919.
Mary Wasson Orthography and Grammar
Summer term, 1919, only.
Name Role Rank
Clara Nolte German Instructor
Charlotte Lorenz German Assistant Professor
John Knoepfler Head Professor
Name Role Rank
F. Glasener Unspecified Instructor
Sara Riggs Head Professor
Sara Rice Unspecified Professor
Latin and Greek
Name Role Rank
Frank Merchant Head Professor
Myra Call Unspecified
On leave, winter term.
Jennie Hutchison Unspecified
Winter term, 1918-1919, only, as substitute for Myra E. Call.
Orchestral Music
Name Role Rank
Barzille Merrill Head Professor
Frank McCreary Orchestral Music and Band Conductor Instructor
Physical Education for Women
Name Role Rank
Monica Wild Unspecified Professor
Maybelle Rathes Unspecified Instructor
Lula Sweigard Unspecified Instructor
Madeline Nisbit Unspecified Instructor
Hazel Morris Unspecified Instructor
Lenora Bauman Unspecified
Resigned December 10, 1918.
Doris White Unspecified Assistant Professor
Romance Languages
Name Role Rank
George Underwood Head Professor
Isabel Thomes Unspecified Instructor
Ingebrigt Lillehei Unspecified Professor
Manual Arts
Name Role Rank
Charles Bailey Head Professor
Clark Brown Unspecified Assistant Professor
Benjamin Van Oot Unspecified
On leave for Army YMCA work; began June 7, 1918.
Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Robert Daugherty Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ira Condit Head Professor
Charles Wester Unspecified Assistant Professor
Emma Lambert Unspecified Professor
Peter Luteyn Unspecified Assistant Professor
Military Science and Tactics
Name Role Rank
Oliver Dickerson Unspecified
April 4-26, 1919.
Roy Harris Unspecified
Began April 26, 1919.
Franklin Mead Commandant
Leave for US Army service, beginning June 7, 1918.
Physics and Chemistry
Name Role Rank
Louis Begeman Head Professor
Samuel Hersey Physics Professor
Robert Getchell Chemistry Professor
Perry Bond Chemistry Professor
James Perrine Physics
On leave for duration of war in government radio work; began January 25, 1918.
Orlan Read Chemistry Professor
Home Economics
Name Role Rank
Anne Booker Unspecified Instructor
Edith Maxwell Unspecified Instructor
Miriam Hooker Unspecified Assistant Professor
Miriam Richer Acting Head Assistant Professor
Nola Fromme Head Professor
Clara Bradley Unspecified Assistant Professor
Physical Education
Name Role Rank
Blanche Henak Unspecified
Summer term 1919 only.

The UNI Faculty Roster includes faculty and some staff members, and is compiled from a variety of sources, including yearbooks, UNI budget books, and UNI Faculty Senate documents. Please note that this database is a reference aid only and is not an official record of UNI's Human Resource Services. 

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