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UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)

Languages and Literature

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Name Role Rank
Joaquin Penalver Spanish Instructor
Andre Walther French Assistant Professor
Robert Ward English Assistant Professor
Charles Wheeler English Assistant Professor
Maryanna Hamer English Composition
Assistant Professor
Wallace Anderson Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Also Director of Honors Program.
Edward Jamosky Russian Assistant Professor
H. Reninger Head Professor
Henri Chabert French Associate Professor
David Bluhm Religion and Philosophy Professor
Mary Wheat Graves English Associate Professor
John Cowley English Professor
Louise Forest English Professor
Josef Fox English Professor
Francis Smith English Professor
Norman Stageberg Administrative Assistant for Foreign Languages Professor
Thomas Thompson Philosophy Professor
Jean Bairnson Unspecified
Temporary part-time.
Frank Balke German Instructor
Joseph Bohme English
On leave.
Mary Conley English Instructor
Richard Ferguson English Instructor
James Hearst Creative Writing
Visiting Associate Professor
William Hagestad English Instructor
Alden Hanson Foreign Student Advisor Assistant Professor
B. Meyer English Instructor
Richard Brook English Assistant Professor
Raul Munoz Spanish Instructor
Patrick Brooks English Assistant Professor
Samuel Nodarse Spanish Instructor
David Crownfield Religion and Philosophy Assistant Professor
Thaddeus Sarnacki Spanish Instructor
Robert Dalziel English Assistant Professor
Denver Sasser English Instructor
Bernard DeHoff English Assistant Professor
Otis Schmidt English Instructor
Ralph Goodman English Assistant Professor
Richard Stumbo English
Ross Jewell Administrative Assistant for Composition Assistant Professor
Nancy Thompson English
Temporary part-time.
John Lindberg English Assistant Professor
Robley Wilson English
Karl Odwarka German Assistant Professor
Jacques Montas French Instructor
Henry Parker Latin Assistant Professor
Robert O'Brien English Instructor
Joel Salzberg English Assistant Professor
Germana Portesan English Composition
Jane Sherwin French
Assistant Professor
Barbara Dea Swanson English Composition Instructor
Loren Taylor English Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Elena Dobrila Unspecified Instructor
Joseph Hendryx Unspecified Instructor
Alexander Schreck Unspecified Instructor
Eli Evans Unspecified
Spring 2012 semester.
Brian McInnis Unspecified Assistant Professor
Anne Lair French Associate Professor
Sonia Yetter Russian Associate Professor
Susan Rochette-Crawley English
Disability leave.
Associate Professor
John Swope English Associate Professor
Samuel Gladden Associate Head Professor
Nancy Price English Professor
Ann Alm Unspecified Professor
Name Role Rank
John Swope English Associate Professor

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