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UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)


Displaying 1 - 89 of 89 Faculty Members
Name Role Rank
Margaret Bowes Vocal Music Subordinate Assistant
Robert Fullerton Unspecified
On leave, 1905-1906.
Harry Huffman Vocal Music Subordinate Assistant
Warren Proctor Voice
Spring term only.
Subordinate Assistant
Lulu Bourquin Piano Instruction Assistant
Frances Dickey Vocal Music
Summer term 1906 only.
Floy Graham Piano Instruction
Summer term 1906 only.
Charles Fullerton Director of Vocal Music and Men's Glee Clubs Unspecified
Julia Curtiss Director of Instruction on the Pianoforte Director
Frank Fitzgerald Band and Stringed Instruments and Band Conductor Instructor
Anna Childs Voice and Musical History Instructor
Barzille Merrill Harmony and Counterpoint; Orchestra Conductor Instructor
Clara Cressey Vocal Music; Director of Women's Glee Clubs Instructor
Katherine Gray Voice Instructor
Name Role Rank
Amy Arey Primary Instruction
Summer term 1906 only.
Etta Suplee Supervisor of Primary Training Unspecified
Wilbur Bender Supervisor of Advanced Training Unspecified
Elizabeth Hughes Critic Teacher in Grammar Grades
Instructor in Geography, summer term 1906.
Ruth Adsit Critic Teacher in Primary Grades
Resigned effective June 13, 1906.
Ida Fesenbeck Critic Teacher in Grammar Grades
Instructor in English Grammar, summer term 1906.
Laura Bowman Critic Teacher in Grammar Grades Unspecified
Elsie Long Room Teacher, Grammar Grades Unspecified
Ellen Hull Room Teacher, Grammar Grades Unspecified
Etta Hildebrand Room Teacher, Grammar Grades Unspecified
Florence Correll Room Teacher, Grammar Grades Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Homer Seerley President; Didactics and Psychology Professor
Anna McGovern Primary Instruction Professor
George Samson Psychology and Didactics Professor
George Walters Psychology and Didactics Professor
Chauncey Colegrove Psychology and Didactics Professor
Edith Buck Elementary Instruction Professor
Name Role Rank
Eva Weatherbe Penmanship Subordinate Assistant
Henrietta Thornton Drawing Professor
Harry Cummins Penmanship and Bookkeeping Assistant Professor
Bertha Patt Drawing Professor
Johanna Hansen Drawing
Summer term 1906 only.
Name Role Rank
Emma Lambert Arithmetic Assistant
David Wright Mathematics Professor
Arthur Rich Registrar; Mathematics Professor
Ira Condit Mathematics Professor
Laura Seals Mathematics Instructor
History and Political Science
Name Role Rank
William Oppold Civil Government Subordinate Assistant
Leonard Parish Political Science Professor
Sara Riggs History Professor
Sara Rice History Professor
Karl Geiser Political Science
On leave, 1905-1906.
Harry Savage Political Science
Summer term 1906 only.
Name Role Rank
Henrietta Plock German Assistant
John Knoepfler German Professor
Name Role Rank
Abbott Page Physical Science Professor
Melvin Arey Natural Science Professor
Alison Aitchison Geography
On leave, 1905-1906.
George Newton Natural Science Professor
Louis Begeman Physical Science Professor
Samuel Hersey Physics Professor
Emmett Cable Geography Instructor
Merritt Wheeler Chemistry Subordinate Assistant
Arthur Coffman Physics
Winter and spring terms.
Subordinate Assistant
Clinton Bates Physics and Chemistry
Summer term 1906 only.
Name Role Rank
Isabel McIntosh Library
Spring term; assistant in Library, summer term 1906.
Subordinate Assistant
Sara Rhodes Library
Summer term 1906 only.
Anna Baker Librarian Unspecified
Ethel Arey Assistant Librarian Unspecified
Clara Drenning Cataloger
Resigned March 14, 1906.
Manual Training and Domestic Science
Name Role Rank
C. Hawk Manual Training Assistant
Charles Bailey Manual Training Director
Alma McMahon Domestic Science Instructor
Name Role Rank
Mary Williamson Kindergarten Assistant
Harriette Gunn Director
Resigned effective July 28, 1906.
Minnie Godfrey Kindergarten
Summer term 1906 only.
Physical Training
Name Role Rank
George Affleck Director
Resigned effective July 28, 1906.
Charles Pell Assistant Physical Director Unspecified
Emma Paffendorf Assistant Physical Director Unspecified
Clara Carter Assistant Director of Physical Training Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Eva Gregg English Grammar Assistant Professor
Margaret Oliver English Assistant Professor
Laura Falkler Elocution Assistant Professor
Mary Simmons English Language and Literature Professor
Carrie Parker English Instructor
William Gist English Language and Literature Professor
Mary Hearst English Instructor
Jennette Carpenter English Language and Literature Professor
Thomas Todd Oratory Professor
Bertha Martin Elocution Professor
Name Role Rank
Myra Call Latin--Regular Course Professor
Fred Eastman Latin--High School Graduate Course Professor
Jennie Hutchison Latin Instructor
Name Role Rank
James Robinson Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Unspecified
Homer Silliman Treasurer Unspecified

The UNI Faculty Roster includes faculty and some staff members, and is compiled from a variety of sources, including yearbooks, UNI budget books, and UNI Faculty Senate documents. Please note that this database is a reference aid only and is not an official record of UNI's Human Resource Services. 

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