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UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)


Name Role Rank
Rowena Edwards Head Cataloger Unspecified
Marybelle McClelland Reference Librarian Unspecified
Evelyn Mullins Circulation Librarian Unspecified
Irene Ehresman Extension and Periodical Librarian Unspecified
Clara Campbell Juvenile Librarian Unspecified
Mary Dieterich Assistant Cataloger Unspecified
David Berninghausen Assistant Circulation Librarian Unspecified
Jessie Ferguson Unspecified
Part-time service.
Anne Duncan Head Librarian Unspecified
Physical Education for Women
Name Role Rank
Dorothy Michel Unspecified Instructor
Maude Moore Unspecified Instructor
Thelma Short Unspecified Instructor
Monica Wild Head Professor
Dorothy Humiston Unspecified Assistant Professor
Grace Van Ness Unspecified Assistant Professor
Doris White Unspecified Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Margaret Divelbess Unspecified Assistant Professor
Selma Schumann Unspecified
On leave.
Rose Hanson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ernestine Smith Unspecified Instructor
Cyril Jackson High School Principal Associate Professor
Dora Kearney Unspecified Assistant Professor
C. Whittier Unspecified Instructor
Marna Peterson Unspecified Associate Professor
Euphemia Rait Unspecified Associate Professor
Dorothy Koehring Unspecified Assistant Professor
Joseph Rhodes Unspecified Instructor
Olive Paine Unspecified Assistant Professor
Annabelle Pollock Unspecified Assistant Professor
Nathaniel Schneider Unspecified Assistant Professor
Minnie Starr Unspecified Assistant Professor
Myrtle Stone Unspecified Assistant Professor
Marguirette Struble Unspecified Assistant Professor
Eulalie Turner Unspecified Assistant Professor
Alta Wilmarth Unspecified Assistant Professor
Verna Adney Unspecified Instructor
Lucile Anderson Unspecified Instructor
Alice Bakken Unspecified Instructor
John Bliese Unspecified
On leave.
Guy Wagner Director of Student Teaching Unspecified
Esther Boehlje Unspecified Instructor
Mathilde Brugger Director of Nursery School Instructor
Elmer Ritter Unspecified Professor
Ethel Fitzsimons Unspecified
On leave.
Zelwyn Graham Unspecified Instructor
Agnes Gullickson Unspecified Instructor
Bernice Helff Unspecified Instructor
Selma Hill Unspecified Instructor
Marie Hjelle Unspecified Instructor
Marguerite Hyde Unspecified Instructor
Edna Mantor Unspecified Instructor
Eleonore Martin Unspecified Instructor
Ruth Michaelson Unspecified Instructor
Mathilda Newman Unspecified Instructor
Emma Opfer Unspecified Instructor
Mary Anderson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Erma Plaehn Unspecified Instructor
Mary Caldwell Unspecified Assistant Professor
Mae Ruppel Unspecified
On leave.
Name Role Rank
Henry Van Engen Head Associate Professor
Harold Trimble Unspecified Instructor
Ira Condit Unspecified
Part-time service.
Emma Lambert Unspecified
Part-time service.
Emery Watson Unspecified Professor
Charles Wester Unspecified
Part-time service.
Home Economics
Name Role Rank
Agnes McClelland Unspecified Instructor
Elizabeth Nyholm Unspecified Instructor
Elisabeth Sutherland Head Associate Professor
Physical Education for Men
Name Role Rank
David McCuskey Unspecified
On leave.
Oliver Nordly Unspecified Instructor
Clyde Starbeck Unspecified Instructor
Leland Mendenhall Head Professor
Arthur Dickinson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Lawrence Whitford Unspecified Instructor
Paul Bender Unspecified
On leave.
Associate Professor
Extension Service
Name Role Rank
Fred Cram Education Associate Professor
Lou Shepherd Primary Education Associate Professor
Charles Fullerton Unspecified
Part-time service.
F. Fuller Natural Science Assistant Professor
Irving Hart Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Floyd Lambertson Speech Professor
Katherine Buxbaum Unspecified Assistant Professor
George Gates Unspecified Assistant Professor
Herbert Hake Speech Assistant Professor
Selina Terry Unspecified Professor
Lillian Lambert Unspecified
Part-time service.
Samuel Lynch Unspecified Emeritus
Nelius Halvorson Unspecified Associate Professor
E. Henrikson Speech Associate Professor
H. Reninger Head Assistant Professor
E. Robinson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ida Rohlf Unspecified
Assistant Professor
James Hearst Creative Writing Visiting Instructor
Anna Sorenson Unspecified Associate Professor
Hazel Strayer Speech Associate Professor
William Fagan Unspecified Professor
Name Role Rank
Cyrus Lantz Biology Professor
Samuel Hersey Unspecified
Part-time service.
H. Rath Health Education Professor
Louis Begeman Unspecified
Part-time service.
Martin Grant Biology Assistant Professor
Winfield Scott Agriculture Professor
Roy Abbott Biology Professor
Orlan Read Unspecified
Part-time service.
Alison Aitchison Geography Professor
Emmett Cable Head
Earth Science.
Robert Getchell Chemistry Professor
Marguerite Uttley Geography Associate Professor
William Kadesch Physics Professor
Name Role Rank
George Samson Piano and Organ Instructor
Carl Wirth Brass Instruments and Theory Instructor
Henry Harris Piano Assistant Professor
William Hays Voice Assistant Professor
Frank Hill Violin, Viola, and Theory Assistant Professor
Harald Holst Voice Assistant Professor
Olive Barker Voice Instructor
Russell Baum Piano Instructor
Jane Birkhead Voice Instructor
Emil Bock Violin
On leave.
Rosa Ruegnitz Piano Assistant Professor
James DeJonge Music Education Instructor
Myron Russell Woodwind Instruments Assistant Professor
Roland Searight Violoncello and Conducting Assistant Professor
Edward Kurtz Head
Violin and Composition.
Name Role Rank
Selmer Larson Unspecified Professor
Harvey Riebe Unspecified Professor
Amy Arey Unspecified Associate Professor
Albert Brown Unspecified Professor
Hugh Buffum Unspecified Professor
John Slacks Rural Education Associate Professor
John Charles Unspecified Professor
May Smith Unspecified Associate Professor
Emerson Denny Head Professor
Gertrude Hankamp Unspecified Instructor
Myron Wilcox Unspecified Associate Professor
Commercial Education
Name Role Rank
Harry Cummins Unspecified
Part-time service.
Lloyd Douglas Head
On leave.
Associate Professor
George Mach Unspecified
On leave.
Assistant Professor
Robert Skar Unspecified Associate Professor
Myrtle Gaffin Unspecified Instructor
O. Wessels Unspecified Assistant Professor
Forrest Mayer Unspecified Instructor
Business Office
Name Role Rank
Philip Jennings Assistant Business Manager Unspecified
Benjamin Boardman Business Manager; Secretary; Treasurer Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Ingebrigt Lillehei Head
French and Spanish.
Frank Merchant Unspecified
Part-time service.
Edna Miller Latin Assistant Professor
Josef Schaefer German Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Malcolm Price President Unspecified
Martin Nelson Dean of the Faculty Unspecified
Sadie Campbell Dean of Women Unspecified
Leslie Reed Dean of Men Unspecified
Eldon Cole Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Agnes Cole Art Assistant Professor
Bertha Patt Unspecified Emeritus
Charles Bailey Head
Industrial Arts; resigned as department head after spring 1943 term.
Harold Palmer Industrial Arts
Became acting department head at beginning of 1943 summer term.
Assistant Professor
Corley Conlon Art Instructor
John Dietrich Art Instructor
John Horns Art Instructor
Name Role Rank
Charles Cory Unspecified
Part-time service.
Marshall Beard Registrar Unspecified
Health Services
Name Role Rank
Franklin Mead Unspecified
Part-time service.
Max Durfee Health Director Unspecified
Social Science
Name Role Rank
George Robinson Government Professor
Merle Thompson Head
Ralph Fahrney History Associate Professor
Mary Hunter Economics Associate Professor
Leland Sage History Associate Professor
Carl Erbe Government Professor
Fred Wellborn History Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Joseph Paul Director Unspecified
Placement Bureau
Name Role Rank
Edward Goetch Director Unspecified
Religious Activities
Name Role Rank
Gerald Knoff Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
George Holmes Director Unspecified
Alumni Service and Public School Relations
Name Role Rank
Albert Fuller Director Unspecified

The UNI Faculty Roster includes faculty and some staff members, and is compiled from a variety of sources, including yearbooks, UNI budget books, and UNI Faculty Senate documents. Please note that this database is a reference aid only and is not an official record of UNI's Human Resource Services. 

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