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UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)


Displaying 1 - 364 of 364 Faculty Members
Name Role Rank
Albert Haman Science Instructor
James Kercheval Chemistry Professor
Dorothy Matala Biology Professor
Willard Poppy Physics Professor
Robert Rogers Physics Professor
Leland Wilson Chemistry and Physical Science Professor
Howard Lyon Physical Science Assistant Professor
Leonard Winier Biology Professor
Robert Getchell Unspecified Emeritus
Charles Allegre Biology Associate Professor
Virgil Dowell Biology Associate Professor
Pauline Sauer Biology Associate Professor
Roy Abbott Unspecified
Part-time service.
Emmett Cable Curator of the Museum
Part-time service; resigned May 1963.
Cyrus Lantz Unspecified
Part-time service.
Bernard Clausen Biology
On leave.
Assistant Professor
Robert Goss Biology Assistant Professor
Verlin Lee Science Associate Professor
Verner Jensen Physical Science Assistant Professor
Clifford McCollum Head Professor
Warren Picklum Biology Assistant Professor
Frank Eshelman Physics Instructor
Martin Grant Biology Professor
Dixon Riggs Biology Assistant Professor
Languages, Speech, and Literature
Name Role Rank
Miriam Smith Speech Associate Professor
Roy Eblen Speech Assistant Professor
Thomas Thompson Philosophy Associate Professor
Alden Hanson English Assistant Professor
Edward Thorne Speech Associate Professor
Lillian Wagner Speech Associate Professor
James Hearst Creative Writing
Temporary part-time.
Visiting Instructor
William Fagan Unspecified
Part-time service.
Ross Jewell English Assistant Professor
Ira Johnson English Assistant Professor
Elliott Schaffer Speech Assistant Professor
Loren Taylor English Assistant Professor
Patricia Townsend Speech Assistant Professor
Joseph Bohme English Instructor
John Golubowich English Instructor
Selina Terry Unspecified Emeritus
Vernon Harmelink English Instructor
H. Reninger Head Professor
David Bluhm Religion and Philosophy
Also Pastor of College Hill Interdenominational Church.
Frederick Columbus Russian Instructor
John Cowley English Professor
John Dennis Speech Instructor
Louise Forest English Professor
Charlotte Selma Lawton Speech
Temporary part-time.
Josef Fox English Professor
Alice Flinn English Instructor
Robert Wesley Speech Instructor
Walter Zender Speech Instructor
Wallace Anderson Assistant Dean of Instruction Professor
Charles Wheeler English Instructor
David Williams Speech Instructor
Josef Schaefer German Professor
Norman Stageberg English Professor
Stanley Wood Speech Professor
Henri Chabert French Associate Professor
Edna Miller Unspecified Emeritus
Mary Wheat Graves English Associate Professor
Edwin Maurer English Associate Professor
Rita Cancio Spanish Assistant Professor
Elaine McDavitt Speech Associate Professor
Robert Dalziel English Assistant Professor
Francis Smith English Associate Professor
Bernard DeHoff English Assistant Professor
Katherine Buxbaum Unspecified Emeritus
Name Role Rank
Elizabeth Gibb Unspecified Professor
Ina Silvey Unspecified
Assistant Professor
Ruth Erckmann Unspecified Assistant Professor
Michael Millar Mathematics Assistant Professor
John Bruha Mathematics Instructor
Jack Wilkinson Mathematics Instructor
Elbert Hamilton Unspecified Professor
Fred Lott Unspecified Professor
Jens Jensen Unspecified Instructor
Carl Wehner Mathematics Instructor
Robert Yount Unspecified Instructor
Harold Trimble Head Professor
Irvin Brune Unspecified Professor
Augusta Schurrer Mathematics Associate Professor
Education and Psychology
Name Role Rank
Emerson Denny Unspecified
Part-time service.
Walter DeKock Education Professor
Harvey Riebe Unspecified
Part-time service.
Nellie Hampton Education Professor
John Charles Unspecified Emeritus
Myron Wilcox Unspecified
Part-time service.
Esther Hult Unspecified Professor
Betty Bosdell Unspecified Assistant Professor
Fred Cram Unspecified Emeritus
Dorothy Koehring Education Professor
J. Breithaupt Psychology Assistant Professor
Frank Martindale Education Professor
Robert Frank Unspecified Assistant Professor
Malcolm Price Unspecified Professor
Gordon Rhum Coordinator of Research and Evaluation Professor
Wray Silvey Education Professor
Julia Sparrow Education Professor
Oscar Thompson Unspecified Professor
May Smith Unspecified Emeritus
Arthur Carpenter Audio-Visual Education Assistant Professor
Ivan Eland Director of Safety Education Assistant Professor
Russell Euchner Education Assistant Professor
Ann Dunbar Unspecified Instructor
Glen Hastings Unspecified Assistant Professor
Stanley Knox Unspecified Assistant Professor
Mildred Pray Unspecified Assistant Professor
Basil Reppas Education Assistant Professor
George Ball Unspecified Associate Professor
Erwin Segal Psychology Assistant Professor
Elmer Ritter Unspecified
Part-time service.
William Dreier Unspecified Associate Professor
Howard Knutson Assistant to the Dean of Instruction
Director of the Summer Session.
Mary Towne Psychology
Assistant Professor
Robert Johnson Education Associate Professor
Hazel Lamb Unspecified Associate Professor
Merritt Melberg Education Associate Professor
Mildred Wood Unspecified Instructor
Margaret Nelson Education Associate Professor
Amy Arey Unspecified Emeritus
Albert Brown Archivist
Part-time service.
Clifford Bishop Head Professor
Name Role Rank
Leta Harmon Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Clara Campbell Unspecified Emeritus
William Maricle Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Raymond Martin Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Louis Barrilleaux Unspecified Instructor
Kenneth Butzier Unspecified Instructor
Walter Gohman Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ruth Mahon Unspecified
Joseph Hohlfeld Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ferdinand Riechmann Unspecified Instructor
Marna Peterson Unspecified Emeritus
Leland Hott Chairman Assistant Professor
Donald Scovel Unspecified Instructor
Agnes Gullickson Unspecified Emeritus
Euphemia Rait Unspecified Emeritus
George Immerzeel Unspecified Assistant Professor
John Tarr Unspecified Instructor
Rose Hanson Unspecified Emeritus
Mary Jackson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Evelyn McLain Unspecified Instructor
Albert Potter Chairman Assistant Professor
Owen Nelson Unspecified Instructor
Donald Wiederanders Unspecified Assistant Professor
Pablo Casado Chairman Instructor
Mildred Blackman Unspecified Assistant Professor
Leslie Hale Unspecified Instructor
Eulalie Turner Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Cannell Unspecified Instructor
Laura Gilloley Unspecified Assistant Professor
Carol Koehmstedt Assistant Campus School Librarian Instructor
Marjorie Holmberg Unspecified Assistant Professor
Jacques Montas Unspecified Instructor
Ruth Hutcheson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ross Nielsen Head Professor
Herbert Lynch Unspecified Assistant Professor
Eleanor McBride Unspecified Assistant Professor
Margaret Divelbess Unspecified Associate Professor
Robert Brimm High School Principal Professor
Mildred Norris Unspecified Assistant Professor
Joseph Przychodzin Unspecified Associate Professor
Corinne Harper Unspecified Professor
Myrtle Stone Chairman Professor
Constance Ottman Unspecified Assistant Professor
Richard Lattin Elementary School Principal Associate Professor
Howard Vander Beek Chairman Professor
Elizabeth Ann Roth Unspecified Assistant Professor
James Welch Unspecified Instructor
Randall Bebb Unspecified Associate Professor
Alfred Moon Chairman Professor
John Aldrich Unspecified Assistant Professor
Bernice Helff Unspecified Associate Professor
Manford Sonstegard Unspecified Professor
Wayne Aurand Unspecified Assistant Professor
Max Hosier Unspecified Associate Professor
Marguirette Struble Unspecified Professor
Thelma Englund Campus School Librarian Assistant Professor
Edna Mantor Unspecified Associate Professor
Phyllis McCarthy First Grade Associate Professor
Cecil Phillips Coordinator of Student Teaching Professor
Russell Hansen Unspecified Assistant Professor
Verna Adney Unspecified Emeritus
William Happ Chairman Associate Professor
Frank Hartwell Chairman Assistant Professor
Mardelle Mohn Unspecified Associate Professor
Peter Mazula Unspecified Assistant Professor
Lucile Anderson Unspecified Emeritus
Lois Potter Unspecified Associate Professor
Robert Paulson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Mary Anderson Unspecified Emeritus
Caryl Middleton Coordinator of Student Teaching Associate Professor
Mary Schmitt Unspecified Assistant Professor
Nannie Schools Unspecified Assistant Professor
Lloyd Stokstad Unspecified Assistant Professor
Dorothy Wineke Unspecified Assistant Professor
Health Services
Name Role Rank
James Gerken Associate Director Unspecified
Valiant French Unspecified
Part-time service.
Samuel Henn Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Frank Hill Violin, Viola, and Theory Associate Professor
Harald Holst Voice Associate Professor
Karl Holvik Woodwind Instruments Associate Professor
John Mitchell Music Education Associate Professor
George Samson Unspecified Emeritus
Russell Baum Piano Assistant Professor
Mary Beckman Theory and Harp Assistant Professor
Walter Coleman Flute and Cello Assistant Professor
Joyce Gault Piano Assistant Professor
Suzanne Malve Happ Piano Assistant Professor
David Kennedy Brass Instruments and Theory Assistant Professor
Edward Kurtz Unspecified
Part-time service.
Charles Matheson Voice Assistant Professor
Ruth Mauck Voice Assistant Professor
Jvone Elizabeth Maxwell Piano Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Calhoun Accompanist
Donald Wendt Woodwind Instruments Assistant Professor
Albert Holstad Piano Instructor
Myron Russell Head
Woodwind Instruments.
Emil Bock Violin Professor
William Latham Music Theory Professor
Philip Hahn Organ Instructor
Olive Barker Unspecified Emeritus
Jane Birkhead Voice Associate Professor
Social Science
Name Role Rank
Robert Claus Sociology Assistant Professor
Roy Chung Geography Instructor
William Metcalfe Social Science Assistant Professor
Thomas Ryan History Instructor
Basheer Nijim Geography Assistant Professor
Nathan Talbott Political Science and Far Eastern Studies Assistant Professor
Harold Wohl History Assistant Professor
Robert Ross Political Science Assistant Professor
Donald Howard Head Professor
Louis Bultena Sociology Professor
Ralph Fahrney History
One-third time.
Lyman Harris History Professor
Charles Leavitt American History and Economics Professor
William Dee Sociology Associate Professor
Herman Nelson Earth Science Professor
Howard Jones History Associate Professor
Erma Plaehn Political Science Professor
George Poage History Associate Professor
Leland Sage History Professor
Ernestine Smith Geography Associate Professor
Jan Tulasiewicz Economics Professor
Howard Thompson History Associate Professor
Donald Whitnah History Associate Professor
George Robinson Unspecified
Part-time service.
William Lang Dean of the College; Dean of Instruction Professor
Merle Thompson Unspecified
Part-time service.
Shelley Cheng Far Eastern Studies Instructor
Alison Aitchison Unspecified Emeritus
Mary Hunter Unspecified Emeritus
Name Role Rank
James Maucker President Unspecified
Jacob Stein Counseling Psychologist Unspecified
Paul Kelso Coordinator of Student Counseling
Also Assistant in Admissions and Advising.
Paul Bender Dean of Students Unspecified
Mavis Holmes Associate Dean of Students Unspecified
Dennis Jensen Assistant to Dean of Students Unspecified
Martin Nelson Unspecified Emeritus
Margaret Fitzgerald Director of Foods Unspecified
Business Office
Name Role Rank
Philip Jennings Business Manager and Secretary Unspecified
James Bailey Assistant Business Manager and Treasurer Unspecified
Benjamin Boardman Unspecified Emeritus
College Union
Name Role Rank
Dale Brostrom Director
Also Director of Dining Services.
Research and Examination Services
Name Role Rank
Ross Armstrong Associate in Research Assistant Professor
Joseph Paul Unspecified Emeritus
Herbert Silvey Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Donald Rod Head Librarian
Also head of Library Science.
Associate Professor
Rowena Edwards Unspecified Emeritus
Solveiga Aizinas Fine Arts Librarian Unspecified
Homer Alford Serials Librarian; Coordinator of Technical Services Unspecified
Mary Dieterich Reference Librarian Unspecified
Irene Ehresman Unspecified
Part-time service.
Mary Eakin Youth Collection Librarian Unspecified
Margaret Fullerton Cataloger Unspecified
Everett Howell Circulation Librarian; Coordinator of Public Services Unspecified
Evelyn Mullins Order Librarian Unspecified
Fred Ma Head Cataloger Unspecified
Edward Wagner Assistant Reference Librarian Unspecified
Carolyn Herigstad Cataloger Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Marshall Beard Registrar Unspecified
Merrill Fink Associate Registrar Unspecified
Placement Bureau
Name Role Rank
Edward Goetch Consultant
Part-time service.
Ernest Fossum Director Unspecified
Business Education
Name Role Rank
Mary Blanford Unspecified
Donald Hill Unspecified Instructor
Harold Johansen Field Instructor in Adult Distributive Education
On leave.
Edward Scannell Field Instructor in Adult Distributive Education Instructor
James Barron Unspecified
Temporary part-time.
Kenneth Hansen Unspecified Assistant Professor
Harland Samson Trainer in Distributive Education Assistant Professor
Katherine Humphrey Unspecified Associate Professor
Agnes Lebeda Unspecified Associate Professor
Lloyd Douglas Head Professor
James Blanford Unspecified Professor
Leonard Keefe Assistant Trainer in Distributive Education Professor
Physical Education for Men
Name Role Rank
James Witham Head Associate Professor
Arthur Dickinson Unspecified Associate Professor
Dennis Remmert Unspecified Assistant
John Jennett Unspecified Instructor
William Koll Unspecified Assistant Professor
Stanley Sheriff Head Football Coach Assistant Professor
William Thrall Unspecified Assistant Professor
Lawrence Whitford Unspecified Assistant Professor
Leland Mendenhall Unspecified Emeritus
James Clark Unspecified Professor
Lawrence Bitcon Unspecified Instructor
Norman Stewart Unspecified Instructor
College Relations
Name Role Rank
Lora Wilson Information Assistant Assistant
George Holmes Director Unspecified
Physical Education for Women
Name Role Rank
Elinor Crawford Physical Education for Women Associate Professor
Jeannette Potter Unspecified Associate Professor
Thelma Short Unspecified Emeritus
Grace Van Ness Unspecified Emeritus
Barbara Darling Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Dorothy Moon Unspecified Assistant Professor
Virginia Ramsay Unspecified Assistant Professor
Betty Swanson Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Barbara Yager Physical Education for Women
On leave first semester.
Assistant Professor
Emily Bontz Head Professor
Shirley Winsberg Unspecified
On leave second semester.
Doris White Unspecified Emeritus
Mary Groves Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Marjorie Campbell Unspecified Assistant Professor
Kenneth Gogel Art Assistant Professor
David Delafield Art Associate Professor
Donald Finegan Art Associate Professor
Ralph Haskell Unspecified Associate Professor
John Page Art Associate Professor
Don Lee Unspecified Instructor
Harry Guillaume Head Professor
Clayton Fowler Unspecified Professor
Clifford Herrold Art Professor
Paul Smith Unspecified Professor
Home Economics
Name Role Rank
Elisabeth Howes Unspecified Emeritus
Margaret Sjolander Head Assistant Professor
Lena Buckingham Unspecified Assistant Professor
Olive Holliday Home Economics Assistant Professor
Edna G. Shores Unspecified Assistant Professor
Emily Yeager Foods and Nutrition Assistant Professor
Library Science
Name Role Rank
Ada McLeod Unspecified
First semester only.
Assistant Professor
Eileen Noonan Unspecified Assistant Professor
Arley Jonish Unspecified Instructor
Elizabeth Martin Unspecified Instructor
Extension Service
Name Role Rank
Raymond Schlicher Director
Also Associate Director of Field Services.
Lou Shepherd Unspecified
Part-time service.
Industrial Arts
Name Role Rank
Howard Reed Head Professor
Lawrence Wright Unspecified Professor
Raymond Matala Unspecified Associate Professor
Willis Wagner Unspecified
On leave.
Associate Professor
James LaRue Industrial Arts Assistant Professor
William Luck Unspecified Assistant Professor
Field Services
Name Role Rank
Jack Wielenga Public School Relations Counselor Unspecified
Daryl Pendergraft Director
Also Assistant to the President.
Educational Clinic
Name Role Rank
Harry Beck Director Assistant Professor
Alumni Service
Name Role Rank
Milo Lawton Director Unspecified
Curriculum Laboratory
Name Role Rank
Robert Eller Audio-Visual Education Instructor
Guy Wagner Director Professor
Edna Christophel Consultant Unspecified
Radio and Television
Name Role Rank
Herbert Hake Director Unspecified
Religious Activities
Name Role Rank
Harold Bernhard Director Professor
Physical Plant
Name Role Rank
Eldon Cole Architectural Assistant
Temporary part-time.
Melvin Manion Director Unspecified

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