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UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)


Name Role Rank
Hilliard Macomber Physics Associate Professor
Robert Ward Physics and Science Education Associate Professor
Roy Unruh Physics Associate Professor
Roger Hanson Head Professor
Francis Vilmain Physics Associate Professor
Verner Jensen Physics Professor
Hsiao Hsu Physics Associate Professor
Dale Olson Physics Associate Professor
Willard Poppy Unspecified Emeritus
Ralph Engardt Physics Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Peter Mazula Safety Education Professor
Myrtle Stone Unspecified Emeritus
Jerry Duea School Administration Assistant Professor
Lois Potter Speech Pathology Professor
Timothy Cooney Science Assistant Professor
Janet McClain Elementary Education Instructor
Mary Jackson Home Economics Assistant Professor
Willard Primrose Business Education Assistant Professor
Judith Gish Elementary Education Instructor
Judy Beckman Language Arts Assistant Professor
Beverly Smith Elementary Education Instructor
James Kelly Science
Professional Development Leave.
Assistant Professor
Beverly Ewald Elementary Education Instructor
William Waack Language Arts Assistant Professor
James Clausen Special Education Instructor
Margaret Divelbess Unspecified Emeritus
James Doud Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Gloria Kirkland Early Childhood Education Assistant Professor
Mary Helen Butzier Elementary Education Instructor
Mardelle Mohn Unspecified Emeritus
Joanne Wolfe Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Robert Schneider Physical Education Instructor
Judith Finkelstein Early Childhood Education Assistant Professor
Rosa Findlay Foreign Language Instructor
Laura Gilloley Unspecified Emeritus
Eloise Marian Soy Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Kenneth Butzier Speech and Drama Associate Professor
Andrew Musel Music Instructor
Jody Hines Science Instructor
Harold Yoder Elementary Education
On leave.
Assistant Professor
Donald Finsand Science Associate Professor
Sharon Hawn Physical Education Instructor
Dianna Heath Business Education Instructor
Joyce Hornby Elementary Education Assistant Professor
James Hantula Social Studies Associate Professor
Linda Williams Special Education Instructor
William Happ Unspecified Emeritus
Maribelle Betterton Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Ferdinand Riechmann Social Studies Associate Professor
Marguirette Struble Unspecified Emeritus
Raymond Kuehl Coordinator of Student Field Experiences Associate Professor
Leta Harmon Unspecified Emeritus
Eugenia Parisho Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Lynn Schwandt Mathematics Associate Professor
Herbert Lynch Coordinator of Student Teaching Associate Professor
Ann Vernon Counseling Assistant Professor
Harold Wengert Science
On leave.
Associate Professor
William Maricle Coordinator of Student Teaching Associate Professor
Carl Christensen Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Eulalie Turner Unspecified Emeritus
Joan Elizabeth Duea Elementary Education
Problem Solving Strategies project.
Associate Professor
James Roberson Coordinator of Student Teaching Associate Professor
William Tock Coordinator of Student Teaching Associate Professor
John Aldrich Physical Education Associate Professor
Richard Hawkes Coordinator of Student Teaching Associate Professor
James Becker Foreign Language Assistant Professor
Joan Diamond Educational Media Associate Professor
Ruth Hutcheson Unspecified Emeritus
Patricia Geadelmann Physical Education Assistant Professor
Iradge Ahrabi-Fard Physical Education
On leave.
Associate Professor
Randall Bebb Coordinator of Student Teaching Professor
Jeffrey Blaga Social Studies Assistant Professor
James Price Foreign Language Assistant Professor
Lucile Anderson Unspecified Emeritus
Kent McIntyre Educational Media Associate Professor
Mildred Blackman Unspecified Emeritus
Caryl Middleton Coordinator of Student Teaching Professor
Cecil Phillips Coordinator of Student Teaching Professor
Paula Boothby Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Donald Darrow Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Robert Paulson Educational Media Associate Professor
Walter Gohman Unspecified Emeritus
Albert Potter Unspecified Emeritus
Dorothy Wineke Art Assistant Professor
Bernice Helff Unspecified Emeritus
Mary Schmitt Art Associate Professor
Earl Ockenga Mathematics
Temporary; Problem Solving Strategies project.
Assistant Professor
Rose Hanson Unspecified Emeritus
Richard Strub Director of Pupil Personnel Associate Professor
Ross Nielsen Head Professor
Emma Jorgensen Special Education Assistant Professor
Nick Teig Industrial Technology Associate Professor
Kenneth Williams Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
James Albrecht High School Principal Professor
Margaret Merrion Music Assistant Professor
Dorothy Koehring Unspecified Emeritus
James Welch Music Associate Professor
Douglas Doerzman Coordinator of Student Teaching
Fort Dodge.
Assistant Professor
Corinne Harper Social Studies
On disability leave.
Joseph Fratianni Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
George Immerzeel Mathematics
Temporary; Problem Solving Strategies project.
Donald Scovel Social Studies
On disability leave.
Edna Mantor Unspecified Emeritus
John Eggers Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
John Tarr Mathematics
Temporary; Problem Solving Strategies project.
Richard Stahlhut Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Ann Roth Unspecified Emeritus
Howard Vander Beek Language Arts Professor
Dennis Kettner Mathematics Instructor
M. Andrews Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Nannie Schools Unspecified Emeritus
Donald Wiederanders Mathematics Professor
Judith Thomas Business Education Instructor
Leslie Hale Music Professor
Elizabeth Strub Elementary Education Instructor
Philip Nelson Social Studies Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Allan Shickman Art Assistant Professor
Alan Brookes Art Assistant Professor
Sanford Shaman Director, Gallery of Art Unspecified
Marjorie Campbell Art Associate Professor
Shirley Haupt Art Associate Professor
Reed Estabrook Art Associate Professor
Edwin Harris Art Associate Professor
Clifford Herrold Unspecified Emeritus
Joseph Ruffo Head Professor
David Delafield Art Professor
Steven Bigler Art Assistant Professor
Donald Finegan Art Professor
Kenneth Gogel Art
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Gwen Widmer Art
Harry Guillaume Art Professor
John Page Art Professor
Kenneth Lash Art Professor
Diana Barrie Art Assistant Professor
Barbara Cassino Art Assistant Professor
Hale Anderson Art Assistant Professor
Felipe Echeverria Art Assistant Professor
Vera Siddens Art Assistant Professor
Mark Wethli Art
Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Charles Matheson Voice and Choral Music Professor
Randy Hogancamp Percussion Assistant Professor
Donald Wendt Woodwind Instruments Associate Professor
Peter Michaelides Theory and Composition Professor
Malcolm Jernigan Unspecified Associate Professor
Jack Graham Clarinet Assistant Professor
Jon Hansen Trombone Associate Professor
Kathleen Gjerdingen Music Education Instructor
Albert Holstad Piano Associate Professor
Richard Lawn Jazz Studies Assistant Professor
Jerrold Pritchard Flute and Music History Associate Professor
John Johnson Trumpet Associate Professor
A. Marleta H. Matheson Group Piano and Accompanying Assistant Professor
William Shepherd Unspecified Associate Professor
Ruth Mauck Unspecified Associate Professor
Roberto Duncan Unspecified Assistant Professor
Howard Aibel Piano Associate Professor
Russell Baum Piano Professor
Mary Beckman Theory and Harp Professor
Emil Bock Music History Professor
Robert Byrnes Carilloneur Adjunct Instructor
Joyce Gault Piano Professor
Ronald Ross Head Associate Professor
Marilou Kratzenstein Unspecified Associate Professor
Bruce Chidester Trumpet Assistant Professor
Caryl Becker Voice Assistant Professor
Frank Hill Unspecified Emeritus
Douglas Dixon Guitar Adjunct Instructor
Martha Holvik Viola and Theory Assistant Professor
Thomas Barry Unspecified Assistant Professor
Fritz Kaenzig Tuba and Euphonium Assistant Professor
Margarette Eby Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts Professor
Jvone Elizabeth Maxwell Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Krueger French Horn Assistant Professor
Michael Faulkner Unspecified Assistant Professor
Kenneth Slavett Unspecified Instructor
David Williams Unspecified Assistant Professor
Karl Holvik Wind Ensemble and Conducting Professor
Myron Russell Unspecified Emeritus
David Kennedy Unspecified Professor
Graeme Cowen Choral Music Assistant Professor
David Smalley Voice Associate Professor
School Administration and Personnel Services
Name Role Rank
Robert Lembke Education Associate Professor
Wayne Truesdell Unspecified Emeritus
Walter Bishop Head Professor
Audrey Smith Education Assistant Professor
Dale Nitzschke Dean, College of Education Professor
Robert Frank Education Professor
Donald Hanson Education Professor
Robert Brimm Education Professor
Howard Knutson Director of Teacher Education Professor
Donald Hanson Unspecified Visiting Assistant Professor
Jack Kimball Education Associate Professor
Norman McCumsey Education Associate Professor
Educational Psychology and Foundations
Name Role Rank
Edward Rutkowski Education Professor
Thomas Berg Education Assistant Professor
Jean Trout Education Associate Professor
Ralph Scott Director of Educational Clinic Professor
Marlene Strathe Education Assistant Professor
Donald Schmits Education Associate Professor
William Dreier Education Professor
Barry Wilson Education Assistant Professor
John Smith Education Associate Professor
Leonard Froyen Education Professor
Stephen Fortgang Education Assistant Professor
Robert Stansbury Vice President for Administrative Services Associate Professor
Beverly Taylor Education Associate Professor
George Ball Unspecified Emeritus
Charles Dedrick Education Assistant Professor
Paul Porter Education Assistant Professor
Sherry Gable Education
Assistant Professor
Merritt Melberg Unspecified Emeritus
Ira Tolbert Director, Graduate Educational Opportunity Program Unspecified
Thomas Hansmeier Vice President for Student Affairs and Field Services; Executive Dean Professor
James Hoobler Education Assistant Professor
Jackson Baty Education Assistant Professor
Rick Jennings Unspecified Adjunct Assistant Professor
Julia Rozendaal Education Assistant Professor
Douglas Laplante Coordinator Unspecified
Walter DeKock Unspecified Emeritus
Emerson Denny Unspecified Emeritus
Leander Brown Education
Professional Development Leave, fall semester; also appointed in Department of Teaching.
Assistant Professor
Clifford Bishop Unspecified Emeritus
Lawrence Kavich Head Professor
Gordon Rhum Education Professor
Lynn Beckenbaugh Unspecified
Harley Erickson Education Professor
Richard Lattin Education Professor
Key Lee Education Professor
Ann Dunbar Education Associate Professor
Joseph Przychodzin Education Professor
Virginia Hash Education Associate Professor
Basil Reppas Education Professor
Bruce Rogers Education Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Gretchen Myers Reference Librarian (Humanities) Assistant Professor
Verna Ritchie Art and Music Librarian Associate Professor
Thomas Shaw Head of Acquisitions Department Assistant Professor
Edward Wagner Reference Librarian (Science) Associate Professor
Arlene Ruthenberg Youth Collection Librarian Assistant Professor
Lawrence Kieffer Head of Reader Services Associate Professor
Donald Rod Director of Library Services Professor
Gerald Peterson Special Collections Librarian; University Archvist Assistant Professor
Charles Seavey Documents Librarian Instructor
Stanley Lyle Reference Librarian Instructor
Jessica Marshall Serials Librarian Instructor
Joyce Ellen Bingham Reference Librarian Instructor
Joan Loslo Library Associate Unspecified
Mary Dieterich Unspecified Emeritus
Homer Alford Assistant Director, Technical Services Associate Professor
Evelyn Mullins Unspecified Emeritus
Donald Gray Assistant Director, Public Services Associate Professor
Bonita Bryant Bibliographer
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Assistant Professor
Douglas Hieber Head of Circulation Department Associate Professor
Eleanor Crownfield Catalog Librarian Assistant Professor
Fred Ma Head of Cataloging Associate Professor
Judy Myers Catalog Librarian Assistant Professor
Tieh-Cheng Chin Order Librarian Associate Professor
Earth Science
Name Role Rank
Wayne Anderson Head Professor
Darrel Hoff Earth Science Professor
Kenneth De Nault Geology Assistant Professor
Andrew Odell Astronomy Assistant Professor
James Walters Geology Assistant Professor
Walter DeKock Science Education Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Donald Cummings Economics Assistant Professor
Charles Strein Economics Assistant Professor
Merle Thompson Unspecified Emeritus
Richard Hansen Economics Assistant Professor
Randall Kesselring Economics Assistant Professor
Fred Abraham Economics Assistant Professor
Charles Gillette Economics Associate Professor
Donald Bumpass Economics Associate Professor
James Schroeder Unspecified
Michael Spencer Unspecified Lecturer
Bruce Anderson Head Professor
Jan Tulasiewicz Unspecified Emeritus
Counseling Center
Name Role Rank
Martin Edwards Counselor Unspecified
Norman Story Counselor Unspecified
JoAnn Cummings Counselor
Also Coordinator of Continuing Education.
Leonard Davis Unspecified Emeritus
Sherry Candee Clerk-Typist Unspecified
Paul Kelso Director Unspecified
Curriculum and Instruction
Name Role Rank
Margaret Larsen Education
Mary Aldridge Education Assistant Professor
Carol Greenfield Education Assistant Professor
Catherine Hatcher Education Assistant Professor
Martin Rudnick Education Assistant Professor
Margaret Larsen Education
Julia Sparrow Unspecified Emeritus
Maureen Oates Unspecified Instructor
Sarah Frudden Unspecified
Mary Eakin Education Associate Professor
James Schnur Associate Dean, College of Education Professor
Gregory Stefanich Education Associate Professor
Frank Martindale Unspecified Emeritus
Ivan Eland Director of Safety Education Associate Professor
Nellie Hampton Education Professor
Jeanne Harms Education Associate Professor
Max Hosier Education and Psychology Professor
Marvin Heller Education Associate Professor
Ned Ratekin Education Professor
Roger Kueter Acting Head Associate Professor
Esther Hult Unspecified Emeritus
V. Tanner Education Associate Professor
Virginia Ritter Education Associate Professor
Thomas Little Education Associate Professor
Russell Euchner Education Assistant Professor
Loretta Kuse Education Assistant Professor
Home Economics
Name Role Rank
Phyllis Conklin Home Economics Assistant Professor
Mary Franken Home Economics Assistant Professor
Joanne Spaide Home Economics Assistant Professor
Emily Yeager Unspecified Emeritus
Melvin Wilkinson Home Economics Assistant Professor
Lena Buckingham Unspecified Emeritus
Olive Holliday Unspecified Emeritus
Janice Morgan Home Economics Associate Professor
Marilyn Story Home Economics Associate Professor
James Canada Home Economics
On leave.
Associate Professor
Alta Lane Home Economics Assistant Professor
Barbara Pershing Home Economics Assistant Professor
Edna G. Shores Unspecified Emeritus
Josephine Megivern Home Economics Assistant Professor
English Language and Literature
Name Role Rank
Daniel Cahill English
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Charles Kovich Unspecified Assistant Professor
Gerald Cawelti English Assistant Professor
Robley Wilson English
Editor of North American Review.
Kenneth Baughman English Assistant Professor
James Hearst Unspecified Emeritus
James Bittner English Instructor
Charlene Eblen English Assistant Professor
George Tharp English and Linguistics Assistant Professor
Wilfred Samuels English Assistant Professor
James HiDuke English Assistant Professor
Carolyn Shields English and Linguistics Assistant Professor
Valdon Johnson English and Linguistics Assistant Professor
John Cowley Unspecified Emeritus
Otis Schmidt English Assistant Professor
Alden Hanson Unspecified Emeritus
Loren Taylor English Assistant Professor
E. Struthers English
Assistant Professor
J. Elaine Kalmar English Associate Professor
Evelyn Wood English Associate Professor
Bernard DeHoff English Associate Professor
Robert Gish English Associate Professor
Ralph Goodman English and Linguistics Associate Professor
Karen Nantz Secretary Unspecified
Grace Hovet English
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Associate Professor
Genevieve Hubly English Associate Professor
Ross Jewell English Associate Professor
Theodore Hovet English Associate Professor
H. Reninger Unspecified Emeritus
Charles Wheeler English Associate Professor
Stephen Gaies English and Linguistics Assistant Professor
Lora Rackstraw English Associate Professor
Jan Robbins Head Professor
Thomas Remington English Associate Professor
Geraldine LaRocque English Professor
George Day English Professor
Barbara Lounsberry English
Temporary, fall and spring semesters.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Louise Forest English Professor
Alice Sodowsky English Assistant Professor
Jerome Klinkowitz English Professor
Robert Ward English Professor
Francis Smith English Professor
Norman Stageberg Unspecified Emeritus
Keith McKean English Professor
Grants and Contracts
Name Role Rank
Harold Burris Administrator
Also Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion.
Edward Ebert Secretary Unspecified
Modern Language
Name Role Rank
Fritz Konig Head Professor
George Zucker Spanish
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Henri Chabert French Professor
Jurgen Koppensteiner German Professor
Donald Hawley Spanish Professor
Samuel Nodarse Spanish Professor
Michael Oates French Professor
Jane K. Schwartz French Professor
Nile Vernon Spanish Associate Professor
Raul Munoz Spanish Associate Professor
Karl Odwarka German Associate Professor
Janice Steger Administrative Assistant Unspecified
Jacques Dubois French Assistant Professor
Andre Walther French Assistant Professor
Larry Brown French
Adjunct Instructor
Marilyn Montz German
Adjunct Instructor
Ann Boyd Spanish Adjunct Instructor
Manuel Febles Spanish Associate Professor
Edward Jamosky Russian Assistant Professor
Adolfo Franco Spanish Associate Professor
James Knowlton German
Assistant Professor
Henry Parker Latin Associate Professor
Safety and Security
Name Role Rank
Rollin Evers Director Unspecified
John Stalberger Assistant Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Leonard Winier Unspecified Emeritus
Martha Whitson Biology
Adjunct Assistant Professor
David McCalley Biology
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Assistant Professor
Bernard Clausen Biology Associate Professor
Jean Amos Biology Assistant Professor
Albert Haman Biology Associate Professor
Warren Picklum Biology Associate Professor
John Downey Head Professor
Dixon Riggs Biology Associate Professor
Charles Allegre Biology Professor
Robert Simpson Biology Associate Professor
Virgil Dowell Biology Professor
Paul Whitson Biology Associate Professor
Robert Goss Biology Professor
Lawrence Eilers Biology Professor
Alan Orr Biology Professor
Nixon Wilson Biology Professor
Barton Bergquist Biology Assistant Professor
Daryl Smith Biology Professor
E. TePaske Biology Professor
Clifford McCollum Dean, College of Natural Sciences Professor
Cyrus Lantz Unspecified Emeritus
Educational Media Center
Name Role Rank
Robert Hardman Director Professor
Guy Wagner Unspecified Emeritus
Nancy Hinshaw Unspecified Unspecified
Robert Eller Coordinator of Audio-Visual Services Assistant Professor
Edward Gabrielse Unspecified Assistant Professor
Joseph Marchesani Coordinator, Television Services Assistant Professor
Terry Goro Coordinator of Media Laboratories Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Miriam Smith Speech Professor
Roy Gerritsen Unspecified Instructor
Gary Hall Head Associate Professor
William Henderson Director of Forensics Associate Professor
George Glenn Theatre Associate Professor
R. Conklin Unspecified Professor
David Williams Unspecified Associate Professor
James Harbour Unspecified Assistant Professor
Charles Scholz Unspecified Assistant Professor
Royal Holbrook Theatre Technician Unspecified
James Skaine Speech Assistant Professor
F. Regan Unspecified Assistant Professor
Harvey Sweet Theatre Assistant Professor
David Maberry Speech Assistant Professor
Herbert Meinert Radio-Television Assistant Professor
Kathleen Runge Theatre Assistant Professor
Thomas Carlisle Theatre Assistant Professor
Jay Edelnant Unspecified Instructor
Marvin Jensen Speech Assistant Professor
Charlotte Selma Elizabeth Eilers Speech Assistant Professor
Phyllis Scott Unspecified Assistant Professor
Clinton Nelson Speech Assistant Professor
Lillian Wagner Unspecified Emeritus
Elaine Stageberg Unspecified Emeritus
Speech Pathology and Audiology
Name Role Rank
Ernest Fossum Unspecified Emeritus
Hugo Beykirch Acting Head Assistant Professor
Myra Boots Speech Pathology Assistant Professor
Judith Harrington Speech Pathology Assistant Professor
Jasper Phelps Speech Pathology Assistant Professor
Clifford Highnam Speech Pathology Assistant Professor
Ralph Schwartz Speech Pathology and Audiology Associate Professor
G. Wells Speech Pathology Associate Professor
Roy Eblen Speech Pathology
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
H. Hoops Dean, Graduate College Professor
Extension and Continuing Education
Name Role Rank
Francis Downes Assistant Dean Unspecified
Raymond Schlicher Dean, Extension and Continuing Education Unspecified
Financial Aid
Name Role Rank
Dennis Jensen Director Unspecified
Yancy Beavers Assistant to Director Unspecified
Pete Sidwell Unspecified Assistant
Broadcasting Services
Name Role Rank
Herbert Hake Unspecified Emeritus
Jons Olsson Director of Development Unspecified
Douglas Vernier Director Unspecified
Carl Jenkins Assistant Director Unspecified
Physical Education for Women
Name Role Rank
Meredith Bakley Softball Coach Instructor
Carol Gruber Unspecified Instructor
Jane Mertesdorf Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Barbara Darling Physical Education for Women Associate Professor
Donna Thompson Physical Education for Women Associate Professor
Lynda Carr Unspecified
Adjunct Instructor
Elinor Crawford Head Professor
Carol Cooper Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Shirley Winsberg Physical Education for Women Professor
Mary Cathey Physical Education for Women
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Assistant Professor
Barbara Yager Physical Education for Women Professor
Emily Bontz Unspecified Emeritus
Susann Doody Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Heidi Weishaupt Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Wanda Green Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Jeanette Marsh Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Betty Swanson Physical Education for Women Assistant Professor
Dorothy Moon Unspecified Emeritus
Jeannette Rogers Peterson Unspecified Emeritus
Sharon Huddleston Physical Education for Women Instructor
Carol Phillips Physical Education for Women Instructor
Lynn Pomplun Unspecified
Temporary; fall and spring semesters.
Assistant Professor
Ripley Marston Physical Education for Women Instructor
Gary Sanders Unspecified Instructor
Women's Center
Name Role Rank
Elaine Pfalzgraf Director Unspecified
Special Education
Name Role Rank
Marion Thompson Head Professor
Elliott Lessen Education Assistant Professor
Patricia Sitlington Education Assistant Professor
Susan Stainback Education Assistant Professor
Harriet Healy Administrator, Northeast Iowa Instructional Labatory Unspecified
Susan Etscheidt Unspecified Instructor
Lee Courtnage Education and Psychology Professor
William Stainback Education Associate Professor
Alice Suroski Education Associate Professor
Physical Education for Men
Name Role Rank
William Thrall Head Professor
Dennis Remmert Assistant Football Coach Assistant Professor
Elton Green Physical Education for Men Professor
Lyle Schwarzenbach Physical Education for Men Associate Professor
Donald Erusha Physical Education for Men Associate Professor
Kenneth Green Physical Education for Men Associate Professor
Glen Henry Physical Education for Men Associate Professor
Roy Fielding Unspecified Adjunct Assistant Professor
Charles Patten Physical Education for Men Associate Professor
M. Sevy Physical Education Associate Professor
Lynn King Unspecified Adjunct Instructor
James Anderson Physical Education Assistant Professor
Donald Briggs Unspecified
Adjunct Instructor
Elmer Kortemeyer Physical Education for Men
On leave.
Assistant Professor
C. Burton Unspecified
Adjunct Instructor
Godfrey Stych Physical Education for Men Assistant Professor
Dennis Cryer Physical Education for Men Assistant Professor
Raymond Beemer Unspecified Instructor
Steven Marti Unspecified
Margaret Stacey Unspecified
Michael Stiles Unspecified Instructor
Name Role Rank
Glenn Nelson Mathematics Assistant Professor
David Duncan Head Professor
Michael Millar Mathematics Professor
Gregory Dotseth Mathematics Associate Professor
Fred Lott Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs Professor
Hyo Myung Mathematics Professor
Edward Rathmell Mathematics Associate Professor
Augusta Schurrer Mathematics Professor
Stanley Walljasper Mathematics Associate Professor
Jack Wilkinson Mathematics Professor
Bonnie Litwiller Mathematics Professor
Elbert Hamilton Unspecified Emeritus
Diane Baum Mathematics Assistant Professor
John Bruha Mathematics Assistant Professor
John Cross Mathematics Assistant Professor
Ronald Moehlis Mathematics Assistant Professor
Robert Rule Mathematics Assistant Professor
Thurza Strag Mathematics Adjunct Instructor
Carl Wehner Mathematics Assistant Professor
Julius Wiesenfeld Mathematics Assistant Professor
John Longnecker Mathematics
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Ina Silvey Unspecified Emeritus
Diane Thiessen Mathematics Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Robert Clark Geography Assistant Professor
James Fryman Geography Assistant Professor
Roy Chung Geography and Demography Associate Professor
Calvin Austin Geography and Regional Science Associate Professor
Jonathan Lu Geography Associate Professor
Basheer Nijim Head Professor
Jon Efteland Geography Assistant Professor
Ernestine Smith Unspecified Emeritus
Name Role Rank
Jack Wielenga Director Unspecified
Dennis Hendrickson Associate Director Unspecified
Noreen Hermansen Assistant Director Unspecified
Intercollegiate Athletics
Name Role Rank
Stanley Sheriff Director of Athletics and Head Football Coach Associate Professor
Sandra Williamson Associate Director Unspecified
Robert Johnson Associate Director Unspecified
James Berry Head Men's Basketball Coach Unspecified
Daniel Breitbach Assistant Basketball Coach Unspecified
Michael Kolling Assistant Football Coach Unspecified
Thomas Lorenz Assistant Football Coach Unspecified
Larry Norman Assistant Football Coach Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Louis Hellwig Psychology Assistant Professor
Andrew Gilpin Psychology Assistant Professor
Jack Yates Psychology Assistant Professor
Ann Frodi Psychology Assistant Professor
Linda Walsh Psychology Assistant Professor
Robert Morin Dean, College of Business and Behavioral Sciences Professor
Julia Wallace Psychology Assistant Professor
David Whitsett Psychology Associate Professor
John Somervill Psychology Associate Professor
Albert Gilgen Head Professor
Gordon Harrington Psychology Professor
Library Science
Name Role Rank
Elizabeth Martin Head Associate Professor
Gerald Hodges Library Science Assistant Professor
Leah Hiland Library Science Assistant Professor
Mary McGrew Library Science Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Clark Elmer Director Unspecified
Robert Hartman Associate Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Paul Bender Unspecified Emeritus
Gary Braman Education Instructor
Donald Walton Assistant to the Vice President for Administrative Services Unspecified
Edward Voldseth Assistant to the President for State Relations and Special Events Unspecified
Thomas Romanin Assistant Vice President, Student Services Unspecified
Mavis Holmes Unspecified Emeritus
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
Name Role Rank
James Martin Vice President and Provost Professor
Norris Durham Head Associate Professor
Satish Sharma Sociology
Assistant Professor
Jerold Fox Social Work Assistant Professor
Robert Kramer Sociology Assistant Professor
Ruth Anderson Social Work Associate Professor
James Chadney Anthropology Associate Professor
Thomas Hill Anthropology
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Associate Professor
Mitchell Greene Social Work Associate Professor
Robert Claus Sociology Professor
Thomas Keefe Social Work Associate Professor
Henry Dohrman Sociology Professor
Virgil Noack Acting Head Assistant Professor
Gene Lutz Sociology Associate Professor
Ronald Roberts Sociology Professor
Alegonda Schokkenbroek Anthropology Assistant Professor
Steven Spitzer Sociology Associate Professor
Douglas Brintnall Anthropology Assistant Professor
Jerry Stockdale Sociology Associate Professor
Melvin Tossey Unspecified Assistant Professor
Helen Ormsby Social Work Assistant Professor
Brunhilde Eska Social Work Assistant Professor
Communicative Disorders
Name Role Rank
Bruce Plakke Audiology Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Howard Lyon Chemistry Assistant Professor
James MacMillan Chemistry Associate Professor
Wanda Lee Wehner Chemistry Assistant Professor
Erwin Richter Chemistry Associate Professor
Russell Wiley Chemistry Assistant Professor
Paul Rider Chemistry Associate Professor
Robert Hanson Chemistry and Science Education Professor
Ching Woo Chemistry Professor
James Chang Chemistry Professor
LeRoy McGrew Head Professor
Leland Wilson Chemistry Professor
James Kercheval Unspecified Emeritus
Linda Paar Unspecified
Political Science
Name Role Rank
Lyle Alberts Political Science and Social Science Assistant Professor
Francis Winter Political Science Assistant Professor
Frederick White Political Science
Marian Krogmann Political Science Associate Professor
Dhirendra Vajpeyi Political Science Associate Professor
Robert Ross Head Professor
William Metcalfe Political Science Professor
Nathan Talbott Political Science and Far Eastern Studies Professor
Robert Mahan Unspecified
Adjunct Lecturer
Public Information Services
Name Role Rank
George Holmes Unspecified Emeritus
Donald Kelly Director Unspecified
Vicki Grimes Assistant Director Unspecified
Susan Chilcott Coordinator Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Donald Shepardson History Associate Professor
Donald Whitnah Head Professor
Charles Quirk History Associate Professor
John Eiklor History Professor
Roy Sandstrom History Associate Professor
Howard Jones History Professor
David Walker History Associate Professor
Richard Newell History
Professional Development Leave, fall semester; on leave, spring semester.
George Poage History Professor
Glenda Riley History Professor
Alvin Sunseri History Professor
Robert Talbott Latin American History Professor
Emily Brown Unspecified Emeritus
Cecile Coren Unspecified Lecturer
Howard Thompson History Professor
Harold Wohl History Professor
Leland Sage Unspecified Emeritus
William Lang Unspecified
Part-time service, fall semester.
John Kamerick President Professor
Donald Howard Unspecified
Part-time service, fall semester.
Edward Haynes Unspecified
Temporary, fall and spring semesters.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Thomas Ryan History
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Assistant Professor
Donna Maier History Assistant Professor
James Cobb History Assistant Professor
Hsi-Ling Cheng History Assistant Professor
Orientation and Advising
Name Role Rank
Janice Abel Coordinator Unspecified
Reginald Green Assistant Coordinator
Also Coordinator of Testing Services.
Philosophy and Religion
Name Role Rank
Jerome Pribbenow Religion
Adjunct Assistant Professor
James Robinson Religion Assistant Professor
David Morgan Philosophy Assistant Professor
Harold Bernhard Unspecified Emeritus
Sung-Peng Hsu Religion Associate Professor
Sandra Berg Religion Assistant Professor
Fred Hallberg Philosophy Associate Professor
David Bluhm Unspecified Emeritus
Edward Amend Religion and Humanities Associate Professor
Thomas Thompson Head Professor
Josef Fox Philosophy and Humanities Professor
David Crownfield Religion and Philosophy Professor
Name Role Rank
Merrill Fink Unspecified Emeritus
Mary Engen Coordinator Unspecified
Robert Leahy Registrar Unspecified
Lewis Glenn Associate Registrar Unspecified
Philip Patton Associate Registrar Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Lynda Goulet Management Instructor
Lee Nicholas Accounting Assistant Professor
Sandra Wilson Unspecified
Saul Diamond Marketing Assistant Professor
Gordon Denton Marketing Associate Professor
Michael Rod Accounting Assistant Professor
Allen Jedlicka Management Associate Professor
Jon Norem Accounting Assistant Professor
Darrel Davis Accounting Associate Professor
James Burrow Marketing
Assistant Professor
Marion Chiattello Management Associate Professor
Taggart Frost Management Assistant Professor
Hoyt Wilson Management Assistant Professor
Peter Goulet Management Associate Professor
James Blanford Accounting Professor
Bruce Conrad Accounting Assistant Professor
Jack Fuller Unspecified Associate Professor
Wayne Evenson Business Law Professor
Ananthanarayanan Parasuraman Marketing Assistant Professor
George McDonald Unspecified Emeritus
Gaylon Halverson Accounting Professor
James Wilmesmeier Management Assistant Professor
Telford Hollman Business Law Professor
Ronald Abraham Accounting Assistant Professor
Agnes Lebeda Management Professor
Leigh Lawton Marketing Assistant Professor
Robert Waller Management and Economics Professor
Unal Bozkurt Finance Visiting Lecturer
Health Services
Name Role Rank
Robert Tujetsch Administrator Unspecified
Valiant French Unspecified Emeritus
Samuel Henn Unspecified Emeritus
Kenneth Caldwell Director Unspecified
Industrial Technology
Name Role Rank
Rex Pershing Industrial Technology Associate Professor
Alvin Rudisill Head Professor
Geoffery Grimes Unspecified
Adjunct Instructor
Ronald Bro Industrial Technology
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Ervin Dennis Industrial Technology Professor
James LaRue Industrial Technology Professor
William Luck Unspecified Professor
Willis Wagner Unspecified
Part-time service.
Willis Norton Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Arnold Freitag Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Thomas Boerjan Unspecified
M. Betts Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Douglas Pine Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Gary Browning Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Loren Duchman Unspecified
Gopal Revankar Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Carson Bartels Unspecified
Howard Reed Unspecified Emeritus
David Gore Unspecified
Temporary, fall semester.
Assistant Professor
Curriculum Laboratory
Name Role Rank
Joseph Lamberti Coordinator of Curriculum Labatory Associate Professor
Cynthia Cummings Materials Coordinator Unspecified
Physical Plant
Name Role Rank
Thomas Paulson Director Unspecified
Plant Services
Name Role Rank
Allen Perry Assistant Director Unspecified
Cooperative Education
Name Role Rank
Allan Stamberg Coordinator Unspecified
Institutional Research
Name Role Rank
Gerald Bisbey Research Assistant Unspecified
Herbert Silvey Unspecified Emeritus
Dining Services
Name Role Rank
John Zahari Director Unspecified
R. Ruby Assistant Director Unspecified
Maucker Union
Name Role Rank
John Ketter Director Unspecified
Budget Administration
Name Role Rank
James Stampp Administrator Unspecified
Eunice Dell Administrative Assistant Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Richard Cottrill Associate Director Unspecified
Educational Opportunities Programs
Name Role Rank
Norris Hart Director Unspecified
Business and Personnel Services
Name Role Rank
Richard Douglas Director Unspecified
Business Office
Name Role Rank
James Bailey Associate Director of Business Services and Treasurer Unspecified
Gary Shontz Controller and Secretary Unspecified
Philip Jennings Unspecified Emeritus
Graduate College
Name Role Rank
Ruth Pitts Assistant to the Dean Unspecified
Academic Computing Center
Name Role Rank
James Wolf Director Unspecified
Data Processing
Name Role Rank
Merlin Taylor Assistant Director Unspecified
Donald Tiernan Director Unspecified
Future Studies
Name Role Rank
John Volker Coordinator Unspecified
Alumni Services and Development
Name Role Rank
Lavern Miller Director Unspecified
Robert Justis Assistant to Director Unspecified
Ellen Leslie Assistant to Director Unspecified
Business Education and Office Administration
Name Role Rank
Katherine Humphrey Unspecified Emeritus
S. Warner Head Professor
Roger Ditzenberger Business Education Associate Professor
James Handorf Business Education
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Associate Professor
Glenn Hansen Business Education Associate Professor
Steven Corbin Business Education Assistant Professor
Jack Reed Business Education Associate Professor
Mary Blanford Business Education Assistant Professor
Aurelia Klink Unspecified Assistant Professor
Gordon Timpany Business Education Assistant Professor
Engineering Services
Name Role Rank
David Walter Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Pauline Sauer Director Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Roxanne Conrad Unspecified Assistant
Career Planning and Placement
Name Role Rank
Larry Routh Director Unspecified
Travis Montgomery Unspecified Unspecified

The UNI Faculty Roster includes faculty and some staff members, and is compiled from a variety of sources, including yearbooks, UNI budget books, and UNI Faculty Senate documents. Please note that this database is a reference aid only and is not an official record of UNI's Human Resource Services. 

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