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UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)


Political Science
Name Role Rank
Marian Krogmann Political Science Associate Professor
Jeremy Lewis Political Science Assistant Professor
Thomas Lindsay Political Science Associate Professor
Richard Hays Political Science Associate Professor
Taifa Yu Political Science Associate Professor
Nathan Talbott Unspecified Emeritus
Pita Agbese Political Science Associate Professor
Kenneth Basom Political Science Assistant Professor
Dhirendra Vajpeyi Head Professor
Francis Winter Political Science Assistant Professor
Lyle Alberts Political Science and Social Science Assistant Professor
William Metcalfe Unspecified Emeritus
Allen Brierly Political Science Assistant Professor
Geisa Rocha Political Science Assistant Professor
Robert Ross Political Science
Phased retirement.
Name Role Rank
Neil Phipps Physical Education Instructor
Joseph Fratianni Unspecified Emeritus
Gail Froyen Librarian Instructor
James Roberson Unspecified Emeritus
Caryl Middleton Unspecified Emeritus
Paul Waack Physical Education Instructor
Donald Wiederanders Unspecified Emeritus
James Becker Foreign Language Associate Professor
Mary Guenther Elementary Education Instructor
Lynn Dykstra Director, Audio-Visual/Print Center, Price Labatory School Instructor
Christine Jubera Vocal Director Instructor
Albert Potter Unspecified Emeritus
Lowell Hoeft Foreign Language Instructor
Argelia Hawley Elementary Foreign Language Instructor
Rosa Findlay Foreign Language Instructor
Mary Schneider Elementary Education Instructor
Barbara Heitzman Creative Dramatics (Elementary) Instructor
Cynthia Bucknam Physical Education Instructor
Joyce Hornby Unspecified Emeritus
Merrie Schroeder Mathematics Instructor
James Welch Unspecified Emeritus
Benjamin Myers Physical Education Instructor
Herbert Lynch Unspecified Emeritus
Leslie Hale Unspecified Emeritus
Carl Christensen Elementary Education Associate Professor
Cecil Phillips Unspecified Emeritus
Janet McClain Elementary Education Instructor
Joseph Hohlfeld Unspecified Emeritus
John Tarr Mathematics Professor
Maribelle Betterton Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Howard Vander Beek Unspecified Emeritus
Bernice Helff Unspecified Emeritus
Clare Struck Counseling Instructor
Philip Nelson Social Studies Assistant Professor
Eloise Marian Soy Unspecified Emeritus
Eugenia Parisho Unspecified Emeritus
Lois Potter Unspecified Emeritus
Gloria Holmes Early Childhood Education Associate Professor
Kimberly Miller Special Education Instructor
Dorothy Koehring Unspecified Emeritus
James Price Unspecified Emeritus
Earl Ockenga Mathematics Associate Professor
Aricia DeVries Special Education Instructor
Edna Mantor Unspecified Emeritus
Kent McIntyre Unspecified Emeritus
Annette Swann Art Associate Professor
Jill Uhlenberg Coordinator, Day Care, Child Development Center Instructor
Myrtle Stone Unspecified Emeritus
Diane McCarty Elementary Education Instructor
Judy Beckman Language Arts Assistant Professor
James Maltas Mathematics Instructor
Darlene Cooney Unspecified Instructor
Randall Bebb Unspecified Emeritus
Linda Gleissner Special Education Instructor
Willard Primrose Business Education Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Strub Unspecified Emeritus
Jody Stone Science Education Associate Professor
Marguirette Struble Unspecified Emeritus
Raymond Kuehl Unspecified Emeritus
Richard Strub Unspecified Emeritus
Lynn Nielsen Elementary School Principal Professor
Donald Finsand Science Education Professor
Douglas Doerzman Unspecified Emeritus
Tracy Johns Secondary Resource Program Instructor
Carl Bollwinkel Science Education Professor
Mary Jackson Unspecified Emeritus
Peter Mazula Unspecified Emeritus
Bonnie Johnson Early Childhood Education Instructor
Marjorie Vargas Language Arts Assistant Professor
Cathy Mix Elementary Education Instructor
Walter Gohman Unspecified Emeritus
Sarah Frudden Unspecified Emeritus
Lisa Brasch Science Education Instructor
Sue Savereide Language Arts Instructor
Robert Lee Physical Education Instructor
Laurie Busch Orchestra Instructor
James Hantula Social Studies Associate Professor
William Maricle Unspecified Emeritus
Patricia Vincent Elementary Education Instructor
Linda Fernandez Director, Price Laboratory School Assistant Professor
Jacqueline Smith Elementary Education Instructor
Nadene Davidson Design, Family and Consumer Sciences Instructor
Lyn Countryman Science Education Assistant Professor
Dorothy Wineke Unspecified Emeritus
Elizabeth Ann Roth Unspecified Emeritus
John Stiles Elementary Education Instructor
William Happ Unspecified Emeritus
Kenneth Butzier Unspecified Emeritus
Victoria Robinson Social Studies Instructor
Joanne Wolfe Elementary Education Assistant Professor
John Aldrich Unspecified Emeritus
James Sweigert Foreign Language Instructor
Nannie Schools Unspecified Emeritus
Kay Treiber Elementary Education Instructor
Edwin Harris Unspecified Emeritus
Karen Couch Science Education Instructor
Leigh Zeitz Unspecified Assistant Professor
Cheryl Timion Elementary Education Instructor
Donald Darrow Industrial Technology Associate Professor
Michael Fanelli Music
On leave.
Richard Vanderwall Language Arts Instructor
Joan Diamond Unspecified Emeritus
Lori Vis Physical Education Instructor
Terri McDonald Audio-Visual Specialist Unspecified
Thomas Keller Secondary Counselor Instructor
Leonard Upham Music Instructor
Lee Weber Social Studies Instructor
Ross Nielsen Unspecified Emeritus
Lynn Schwandt Unspecified Emeritus
Denise Tallakson Elementary Education Instructor
Dennis Kettner Mathematics Instructor
Nick Teig Industrial Technology Associate Professor
Kathy Oakland Language Arts Instructor
Rick Knivsland Art Instructor
Laura Petersen Elementary Education Instructor
Melanie Jane Griffith Music Instructor
Mary Kueny Social Studies Instructor
Roger Kueter Head Professor
Curriculum and Instruction
Name Role Rank
Joan Elizabeth Duea Elementary Education Professor
Ivan Eland Unspecified Emeritus
Rick Traw Reading Assistant Professor
Constance Ulmer Reading Assistant Professor
Rheta DeVries Director, Regents Center for Early Developmental Education Professor
Gregory Stefanich Elementary and Middle School Professor
Barbara Safford Library Science Assistant Professor
Judith Finkelstein Unspecified Professor
Mary Aldridge Unspecified Emeritus
Frank Martindale Unspecified Emeritus
Max Hosier Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Eller Unspecified Emeritus
Donna Schumacher-Douglas Middle School Assistant Professor
Russell Euchner Unspecified Emeritus
Charles May Early Childhood Education Professor
Deborah Tidwell Reading Assistant Professor
Marvin Heller Elementary Education Professor
Penny Beed Reading Assistant Professor
Julia Sparrow Unspecified Emeritus
Junko Yokota Reading Assistant Professor
Dale Johnson Reading Professor
Maureen Oates Reading Adjunct Instructor
Leah Hiland Unspecified Assistant Professor
Margaret Ishler Head Professor
Elizabeth Martin Unspecified Emeritus
Mingshui Cai Reading Assistant Professor
Sharon Smaldino Computer Applications Associate Professor
Margaret Weiser Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Muffoletto Media Associate Professor
G. Sell Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching Assistant Professor
Thomas Switzer Dean, College of Education Professor
Ned Ratekin Unspecified Emeritus
William Waack Director of Teacher Education Professor
Jeannie Steele Unspecified Associate Professor
Mary Eakin Unspecified Emeritus
Harold Yoder Unspecified Associate Professor
Jeanne Harms Unspecified Professor
Loretta Kuse Elementary Education Assistant Professor
Nellie Hampton Unspecified Emeritus
English Language and Literature
Name Role Rank
Calvin Thomas English Assistant Professor
Evelyn Wood Unspecified Emeritus
Ralph Goodman Unspecified Emeritus
Jeannette Lindholm English Assistant Professor
Valdon Johnson English Assistant Professor
Kenneth Baughman English Assistant Professor
Gerald Cawelti English Associate Professor
Richard Utz English Assistant Professor
Nancy Price English
On leave.
Thomas Remington English
On faculty exchange.
Mary Rohrberger Head Professor
Robley Wilson English
Editor of North American Review.
Jeffrey Copeland English Associate Professor
Jan Robbins English Professor
Genevieve Hubly English Associate Professor
Robert Ward English Professor
J. Elaine Kalmar English Associate Professor
Stephen Gaies English Professor
Sandra Adelmund English Instructor
Theodore Hovet English Professor
Carolyn Shields English Associate Professor
Barbara Lounsberry English Professor
Francis Smith Unspecified Emeritus
Louise Forest Unspecified Emeritus
Jerome Klinkowitz English
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Otis Schmidt Unspecified Emeritus
Geraldine LaRocque Unspecified Emeritus
Cheryl Roberts English
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Assistant Professor
Kay Butler-Nalin English Assistant Professor
Loren Taylor Unspecified Emeritus
Jennie Wang English Assistant Professor
George Day English
Phased retirement.
Keith McKean Unspecified Emeritus
Grace Hovet English Professor
James HiDuke English Assistant Professor
Alden Hanson Unspecified Emeritus
Ardith Meier English Assistant Professor
Michael Janopoulos English Assistant Professor
Maurice Lee English Associate Professor
Richard Fehlman English Assistant Professor
Noel Kaylor English Associate Professor
Lora Rackstraw English
Phased retirement.
Associate Professor
Annie Finch English Assistant Professor
Alice Swensen English Assistant Professor
Bernard DeHoff English Associate Professor
John Swope English Assistant Professor
Charlene Eblen Unspecified Emeritus
Name Role Rank
William Calhoun Assistant Vice President
Director of Special Gifts.
Diana Vandeventer Director
Annual Giving.
Gary Barta Director
Athletic Development.
Ruth Ratliff Director
Corporate and Foundation Relations.
Jeffrey Lorber Director
Major Gifts.
John Mitchell Vice President for Development
Also Executive Vice President and Secretary, UNI Foundation.
Communication Studies
Name Role Rank
Ronnie Bankston Broadcasting Assistant Professor
Victoria Defrancisco Communication Studies Assistant Professor
John Butler Public Relations Associate Professor
Paul Siddens Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Bruce Wickelgren Communication Studies Instructor
Laura Terlip Communication Studies Associate Professor
Henry Itkin Journalism Instructor
Jerry Domatob Journalism Instructor
Mitchell Fay Communication Studies Instructor
William Ausmus Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Karen Mitchell Performance Studies Assistant Professor
Lillian Wagner Unspecified Emeritus
James Skaine Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Gayle Pohl Public Relations Assistant Professor
Richard DeLaurell Broadcasting Instructor
Gary Hall Head Associate Professor
William Henderson Director of Forensics Associate Professor
Miriam Smith Unspecified Emeritus
Phyllis Carlin Communication Studies Professor
Celeste DeVore Communication Studies Instructor
Dean Kruckeberg Public Relations Associate Professor
Mary Bozik Communication Education Professor
Penelope O'Connor Communication Studies Instructor
Melissa Beall Communication Education Associate Professor
Christian Ogbondah Journalism Associate Professor
Marilyn Shaw Communication Studies Instructor
Beverley Byers-Pevitts Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts Professor
Sandra Cavanaugh Communication Studies Instructor
R. Conklin Communication Studies Professor
Robert Snyder Broadcasting Assistant Professor
Catherine Van Horn Journalism Instructor
Marvin Jensen Communication Studies Assistant Professor
April Chatham-Carpenter Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Sarina Chen Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Charlotte Selma Elizabeth Eilers Unspecified Emeritus
Jay Turner Broadcasting Assistant Professor
Educational Psychology and Foundations
Name Role Rank
Harley Erickson Unspecified Emeritus
John Smith Educational Psychology and Foundations Professor
Thomas Berg Educational Psychology and Foundations Associate Professor
Leonard Froyen Educational Psychology and Foundations Professor
Key Lee Educational Psychology and Foundations Professor
Jerry Duea Coordinator Professor
Carmen Montecinos Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
Robert Boody Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
George Ball Unspecified Emeritus
Joseph Przychodzin Unspecified Emeritus
Lawrence Kavich Educational Psychology and Foundations Professor
Radhi Al-Mabuk Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
Julia Rozendaal Unspecified Emeritus
Edward Rutkowski Unspecified Emeritus
Richard Lattin Unspecified Emeritus
Charles Dedrick Educational Psychology and Foundations Professor
Stephen Fortgang Educational Psychology and Foundations Associate Professor
Paul Porter Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
Melissa Heston Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
Sherry Gable Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
Jean Trout Unspecified Emeritus
Leander Brown Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
Annette Iverson Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
Donald Schmits Educational Psychology and Foundations Associate Professor
Barry Wilson Head Associate Professor
Jackson Baty Unspecified Emeritus
Basil Reppas Educational Psychology and Foundations Professor
Ralph Scott Educational Psychology and Foundations Professor
Muhamed Sukariyah Educational Psychology and Foundations Assistant Professor
Bruce Rogers Educational Psychology and Foundations Professor
Ann Dunbar Unspecified Emeritus
William Dreier Unspecified Emeritus
Name Role Rank
Jack Wilkinson Mathematics Professor
Douglas Mupasiri Mathematics Assistant Professor
Bonnie Litwiller Mathematics Professor
Hyo Myung Mathematics
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Diane Thiessen Mathematics Professor
Larry Leutzinger Mathematics Assistant Professor
Syed Nizam Kirmani Mathematics Professor
Robert Rule Mathematics Assistant Professor
Elbert Hamilton Unspecified Emeritus
Diane Baum Mathematics Assistant Professor
Joel Haack Head Professor
Ann Jensen Mathematics Instructor
Glenn Nelson Mathematics Associate Professor
Vani Sundaraiyer Mathematics Assistant Professor
Timothy Hardy Mathematics Assistant Professor
Michael Millar Mathematics Professor
Fred Lott Unspecified Emeritus
Min Lee Mathematics Associate Professor
Paul Trafton Mathematics and Early Childhood
Also appointed in Department of Curriculum and Instruction.
John Longnecker Mathematics Assistant Professor
Gregory Dotseth Mathematics Associate Professor
Maura Mast Mathematics Assistant Professor
John Bruha Mathematics Assistant Professor
Russell Campbell Mathematics Associate Professor
Augusta Schurrer Mathematics Professor
David Duncan Mathematics Professor
Edward Rathmell Mathematics Professor
John Cross Mathematics Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
David Rachor Bassoon Associate Professor
Robert Washut Jazz Studies
Director of Jazz Studies.
Associate Professor
David Buch Music History Associate Professor
Angeleita Floyd Flute Associate Professor
Jeffrey Funderburk Tuba and Euphonium Associate Professor
Thomas Tritle French Horn Associate Professor
William Shepherd Music in General Studies Associate Professor
Raymond Tymas-Jones Director Associate Professor
Bruce Chidester Music in General Studies Assistant Professor
Jonathan Chenoweth Cello Assistant Professor
Howard Aibel Piano Professor
Rebecca Burkhardt Theory
Also Director of the Orchestra.
Jean McDonald Voice Assistant Professor
Jeremy Beck Unspecified
On American Council of Teachers of Russian exchange, fall semester.
John Vallentine Bands Assistant Professor
Jvone Elizabeth Maxwell Unspecified Emeritus
Malcolm Jernigan Theory Associate Professor
Michael Cousins Voice Associate Professor
Martha Holvik Unspecified Emeritus
Thomas Barry Oboe and Saxophone Assistant Professor
Jonathan Schwabe Music Assistant Professor
Emil Bock Unspecified Emeritus
Russell Baum Unspecified Emeritus
David Smalley Voice Associate Professor
Robert Byrnes Administrative Assistant
University Carilloneur.
Adjunct Instructor
Albert Holstad Piano Associate Professor
Robin Guy Accompanying Assistant Professor
Karl Holvik Unspecified Emeritus
Frederick Halgedahl Violin Assistant Professor
Miguel Pinto Vocal Coaching Associate Professor
A. Marleta H. Matheson Unspecified Emeritus
Marilou Kratzenstein Organ and Music History Professor
Jack Graham Clarinet Associate Professor
Fred Rees Music Education and Double Bass Associate Professor
Joyce Gault Unspecified Emeritus
Jon Hansen Unspecified Emeritus
Randy Hogancamp Percussion Assistant Professor
Charles Matheson Unspecified Emeritus
Donald Wendt Unspecified Emeritus
Ronald Ross Theory Professor
Mary Beckman Unspecified Emeritus
Bruce Chamberlain Choral Music Associate Professor
William Ferrara Opera and Music Theater Associate Professor
Sharon Hansen Choral Music
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Associate Professor
Randy Grabowski Trumpet Associate Professor
Leslie Morgan Voice
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Assistant Professor
Ronald Johnson Instrumental Music Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Cherin Lee Biology
On leave.
Laura Jackson Biology Assistant Professor
Alan Orr Biology Professor
Albert Haman Unspecified Emeritus
Orlando Schwartz Biology
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Associate Professor
Darrell Wiens Biology Assistant Professor
Jill Trainer Biology Assistant Professor
Robert Goss Unspecified Emeritus
Glenn Turner Biology Assistant Professor
Nixon Wilson Biology
Phased retirement.
Robert Simpson Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Seager Biology Professor
George Hoffman Head Professor
Dorothy Brecheisen Biology Instructor
Carl Thurman Biology Assistant Professor
David McCalley Biology Professor
Clifford McCollum Unspecified Emeritus
E. TePaske Unspecified Emeritus
James Dunn Biology Assistant Professor
Barton Bergquist Assistant Dean, College of Natural Sciences Professor
Edward Brown Director, Environmental Programs Professor
Paul Whitson Biology Professor
Bernard Clausen Unspecified Emeritus
Leonard Winier Unspecified Emeritus
James Jurgenson Biology Assistant Professor
Virgil Dowell Unspecified Emeritus
Virginia Berg Biology Professor
John Downey Unspecified Emeritus
Warren Picklum Unspecified Emeritus
Kay Klier Biology Assistant Professor
Lawrence Eilers Unspecified Emeritus
Dixon Riggs Unspecified Emeritus
Daryl Smith Biology and Science Education Professor
Kurt Pontasch Biology Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Harold Wohl History Professor
John Kamerick Unspecified Emeritus
Howard Thompson Unspecified Emeritus
Carol Weisenberger History Assistant Professor
Robert Talbott Latin American History Professor
Joanne Goldman History Assistant Professor
William Lang Unspecified Emeritus
Charles Holcombe History Assistant Professor
Donna Maier History Professor
Gregory Bruess History Assistant Professor
Carol Morgan History Assistant Professor
C. McKibbin History Assistant Professor
Roy Sandstrom History
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Associate Professor
Thomas Ryan Unspecified Emeritus
Howard Jones Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Dise History Assistant Professor
David Halsted History Instructor
Emily Brown Unspecified Emeritus
John Baskerville History Instructor
Charles Quirk History Associate Professor
Alvin Sunseri Unspecified Emeritus
Hsi-Ling Cheng History Assistant Professor
John Johnson Head
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Jay Lees History Associate Professor
Richard Newell History
Phased retirement.
Charlotte Wells History Assistant Professor
Timothy O'Connor History Professor
Nancy Isenberg History Assistant Professor
Keely Stauter-Halsted History Assistant Professor
Robert Neymeyer History Instructor
Robert Martin Acting Head Professor
Donald Shepardson History Professor
David Walker Associate Dean, Graduate College Professor
Donald Whitnah Unspecified Emeritus
Sociology and Anthropology
Name Role Rank
Julie Lowell Anthropology Assistant Professor
Virgil Noack Sociology Assistant Professor
Clemens Bartollas Sociology Professor
Kent Sandstrom Sociology Assistant Professor
Ronald Roberts Sociology Professor
Anne Woodrick Anthropology Assistant Professor
James Martin Unspecified Emeritus
Susan Allbee Sociology Instructor
Surendar Yadava Sociology Assistant Professor
Norris Durham Anthropology Professor
Benjamin Crew Sociology Associate Professor
James Chadney Anthropology Professor
Thomas Hill Anthropology Professor
Eric Henderson Anthropology Assistant Professor
Robert Hunter Sociology Assistant Professor
Robert Claus Unspecified Emeritus
Catherine Farris Anthropology Assistant Professor
Michael Leiber Sociology Assistant Professor
Aaron Podolefsky Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Professor
Phyllis Baker Sociology Assistant Professor
Gene Lutz Director, Center for Social and Behavioral Research Professor
Michael Shott Anthropology Assistant Professor
Tina Mawhorr Sociology Assistant Professor
Henry Dohrman Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Kramer Sociology Assistant Professor
Mark Grey Anthropology Assistant Professor
Jerry Stockdale Sociology Professor
Evelyn Gilbert Sociology Assistant Professor
Student Field Experience
Name Role Rank
Richard Hawkes Coordinator of Student Teaching Professor
Mary Selke Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Beverly Riess Coordinator of Student Teaching Instructor
Robert McCormack Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Dianna Briggs Coordinator of Student Teaching Instructor
Christine Canning Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Joyce Simpson Coordinator of Student Teaching Instructor
Janey Montgomery Coordinator of Student Teaching Assistant Professor
Kathryn Blecha Coordinator of Student Teaching Instructor
Joane R. McKay Coordinator of Student Teaching Associate Professor
Richard Stahlhut Coordinator of Student Teaching Associate Professor
James Kelly Coordinator of Student Teaching Professor
Intercollegiate Athletics
Name Role Rank
Gene Bruhn Assistant Softball Coach Unspecified
Nancy Clark Head Women's Tennis Coach Unspecified
Kathy Konigsmark Head Women's Golf Coach Unspecified
James Egli Assistant Director
For facilities.
Christopher Ritrievi Director Unspecified
Sandra Williamson Associate Director
Internal operations.
John Jermier Associate Director
External operations.
Terry Allen Head Football Coach Unspecified
Ardell Wiegandt Assistant Football Coach
Defensive Coordinator.
A. Klinker Assistant Football Coach
Offensive Coordinator.
Christopher Bucknam Head Men's Track and Cross Country Coach Instructor
Richard Moseley Assistant Football Coach
Janice Bittner Assistant Volleyball Coach Instructor
William Salmon Assistant Football Coach
Chris Bollin Assistant Wrestling Coach Unspecified
Vernon Anderson Assistant Football Coach
Todd Eagen Assistant Football Coach Unspecified
Mark Farley Assistant Football Coach
Colleen Heimstead Assistant Women's Basketball Coach Unspecified
Eldon Miller Head Men's Basketball Coach Unspecified
Christopher Klieman Assistant Football Coach Unspecified
Kevin Boyle Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Unspecified
Matthew Knoll Head Men's Tennis Coach Unspecified
Kevin Lehman Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Unspecified
Ken Misfeldt Assistant Baseball Coach Unspecified
Samuel Skarich Program Assistant, Basketball Unspecified
Michael Smith Assistant Football Coach Unspecified
Joel Greenlee Assistant Wrestling Coach Unspecified
David Schrage Baseball Coach
UNI-Dome administrative assistant.
Terri Lasswell Head Women's Basketball Coach Unspecified
Robert Kincaid Academic Advisor, Intercollegiate Athletics Unspecified
Mark Ackerman Assistant Women's Basketball Coach Unspecified
Sheng Gao Program Assistant Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Georgia Quirk Reference Librarian
Resigned effective November 26, 1993.
Assistant Professor
Katherine Martin Head of Collection Management Associate Professor
Judy Myers Catalog Librarian Assistant Professor
Stanley Lyle Reference Librarian Associate Professor
Donald Rod Unspecified Emeritus
Alberto Hernandez Art and Music Librarian Assistant Professor
Robert Rose Assistant Director, Information Services Associate Professor
Douglas Hieber Unspecified Emeritus
Donald Gray Unspecified Emeritus
Barbara Weeg Reference Librarian Assistant Professor
Edward Wagner Reference Librarian
Retired July 31, 1994.
Associate Professor
Lawrence Kieffer Head of Reader Services Associate Professor
Cynthia Coulter Head of Acquisitions Department Associate Professor
Thomas Kessler Acquisitions Librarian
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Associate Professor
Fred Ma Unspecified Emeritus
Lucille Lettow Youth Collection Librarian Associate Professor
Gerald Peterson Special Collections Librarian; University Archvist Associate Professor
Ross Petra Reference Librarian
Gretchen Myers Unspecified Emeritus
Xiaochang Yu Reference Librarian
Began September 1, 1993.
Assistant Professor
Tieh-Cheng Chin Unspecified Emeritus
Verna Ritchie Unspecified Emeritus
Bart Austhof Documents and Maps Librarian
Began October 1, 1993.
Assistant Professor
Timothy Wiles Reference Librarian Instructor
Herbert Safford Director Professor
Barbara Allen Reference Librarian Instructor
Homer Alford Unspecified Emeritus
Eleanor Crownfield Catalog Librarian Assistant Professor
Joan Loslo Serials Librarian Assistant Professor
Sarah Mort Head of Circulation Department Assistant Professor
Marilyn Mercado Head of Cataloging Assistant Professor
Patricia Larsen Assistant Director, Access Services Associate Professor
Placement and Career Services
Name Role Rank
Sherry Candee Career Information Specialist Unspecified
Donna Vinton Assistant Director Unspecified
Xuchitl Coso Assistant Director Unspecified
Muriel Stone Director Unspecified
Susan Schwieger Assistant Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Beverly Kopper Psychology Assistant Professor
Linda Walsh Psychology Associate Professor
Francisco Barrios Psychology Professor
Jane Wong Psychology Assistant Professor
Augustine Osman Psychology Associate Professor
Albert Gilgen Psychology
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Julia Wallace Head Professor
Andrew Gilpin Psychology Professor
Gordon Harrington Unspecified Emeritus
Jack Yates Psychology Professor
Jennifer Bivens Psychology Assistant Professor
Louis Hellwig Psychology Assistant Professor
Nancy Marlin Vice President and Provost Professor
Martha Smith Psychology Assistant Professor
Robert Morin Unspecified Emeritus
David Whitsett Psychology Professor
John Somervill Dean, Graduate College Professor
Name Role Rank
Calvin Austin Geography and Regional Science Professor
Jonathan Lu Unspecified Emeritus
Dennis Dahms Geography Assistant Professor
Philip Suckling Head Professor
Thomas Fogarty Geography and Public Policy Associate Professor
James Fryman Geography
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Associate Professor
Roy Chung Geography and Demography Associate Professor
David May Geography Associate Professor
Robert Clark Geography Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Rajesh Tyagi Management Visiting Assistant Professor
Aurelia Klink Director, Non-Credit Programs Assistant Professor
Tomas Rodriguez Management Instructor
Leslie Wilson Management Assistant Professor
William Wood Management Assistant Professor
Daniel Power Head Professor
Mary Rueschhoff Management Associate Professor
Farzad Moussavi Management Associate Professor
James Handorf Unspecified Emeritus
Donald Ashbaugh Management Associate Professor
F. Button Management Instructor
Sandra Brasch Management Instructor
Lynda Goulet Management Instructor
Bruce Forintos Director, Management and Professional Development Center Associate Professor
Peter Goulet Coordinator, Graduate Program Professor
Gordon Timpany Management Assistant Professor
Jack Reed Unspecified Emeritus
Allen Jedlicka Organizational Behavior Professor
Telford Hollman Unspecified Emeritus
Taggart Frost Management Associate Professor
Tony McAdams Management Professor
Roberta Roth Management Assistant Professor
Chandrasekhar Das Management Professor
Ching Horng Management Assistant Professor
Arvinder Loomba Management Assistant Professor
Robert Minter Dean, College of Business Administration Professor
Michael Spencer Management Assistant Professor
Mary Blanford Unspecified Emeritus
Shashidhar Kaparthi Management Assistant Professor
Carey Kirk Management Assistant Professor
Glenn Hansen Dean, Continuing Education and Special Programs Associate Professor
Elizabeth Peterson Management Instructor
Robert Waller Management Professor
Crissie Frye Coordinator, Financial Aid to Deserving Scholars Program
On leave.
Educational Administration and Counseling
Name Role Rank
Dale Jackson Unspecified Professor
Donald Hanson Unspecified Emeritus
James Doud Unspecified Professor
Thomas Hansmeier Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Lembke Unspecified Emeritus
Howard Knutson Unspecified Emeritus
Florence Guido-DiBrito Educational Administration and Counseling Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Ashby Unspecified Assistant Professor
James Albrecht Unspecified Emeritus
Norman McCumsey Unspecified Emeritus
Ann Vernon Educational Administration and Counseling Professor
Jack Kimball Unspecified Emeritus
Michael Waggoner Coordinator, Educational Technology Associate Professor
Geraldine Perreault Director, Leadership Studies Assistant Professor
Annie Jones Counselor Education Assistant Professor
Terry Kottman Educational Administration Assistant Professor
Patricia Krysinski Educational Administration and Counseling Associate Professor
Audrey Smith Educational Administration and Counseling Assistant Professor
Robert Decker Educational Administration and Counseling Associate Professor
David Else Director of Institute for Educational Leadership Associate Professor
Vivian Jackson Associate Dean, Graduate College Associate Professor
Computer Science
Name Role Rank
Sarah Thomas Computer Science Assistant Professor
Michael Almeida Computer Science Assistant Professor
Mahmoud Pegah Computer Science Assistant Professor
Kevin O'Kane Head Professor
Walter Beck Computer Science Assistant Professor
J. East Computer Science Associate Professor
Janet Drake Computer Science Assistant Professor
V. Wallingford Computer Science Assistant Professor
Mark Fienup Computer Science
On leave.
Assistant Professor
Carl Wehner Unspecified Emeritus
Stanley Walljasper Computer Science Associate Professor
Industrial Technology
Name Role Rank
Arnold Freitag Unspecified Emeritus
M. Betts Industrial Technology Associate Professor
Theresa Hall Industrial Technology Instructor
Patrick Wheat Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Gary Hoppes Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
William Luck Unspecified Emeritus
James LaRue Unspecified Emeritus
Jere Wheatley Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Shahram Varzavand Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Rex Pershing Unspecified Emeritus
Md Salim Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Ervin Dennis Industrial Technology Professor
Willis Wagner Unspecified Emeritus
Ahmed El Sawy Industrial Technology Professor
John Fecik Industrial Technology Professor
Guru Subramanyam Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Douglas Pine Industrial Technology Associate Professor
Abolghassem Tolu Honary Industrial Technology Associate Professor
Mohammed Fahmy Head Professor
Scott Helzer Industrial Technology Associate Professor
H. Egger Industrial Technology Associate Professor
Charles Johnson Industrial Technology Professor
Ronald Bro Unspecified Emeritus
Michael White Industrial Technology Professor
Ali Kashef Industrial Technology Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Patricia Jones Theatre Assistant Professor
George Glenn Theatre Professor
Margaret Berghammer Head Associate Professor
Carol Colburn Theatre Associate Professor
Amy Wilson Costume Technical Director Instructor
Sarah Salisbury Theatre Assistant Professor
Cynthia Goatley Theatre Assistant Professor
Sheila Bland Theatre Assistant Professor
Helen Beckwith Theatre Assistant Professor
Leonard Curtis Theatre Instructor
Richard Glockner Theatre Associate Professor
Jay Edelnant Performance Studies Professor
Maucker Union
Name Role Rank
Janice Hanish Assistant Director for Student Activities Unspecified
Renee Romano Director Unspecified
Richard Fekel Assistant Director
Business and Operations.
John Ketter Unspecified Emeritus
Special Education
Name Role Rank
Christine Macfarlane Special Education Assistant Professor
Janet Doud Supervisor Unspecified
Marion Thompson Head Professor
Lee Courtnage Special Education Professor
William Stainback Special Education
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Donna Raschke Special Education Professor
Susan Stainback Special Education
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Thomas Little Special Education Associate Professor
Patricia Sitlington Special Education Assistant Professor
Susan Etscheidt Special Education Associate Professor
William Callahan Associate Dean, College of Education Professor
Deborah Gallagher Special Education Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
Donald Finegan Unspecified Emeritus
Barbara Cassino Art
On leave.
Associate Professor
Marjorie Campbell Unspecified Emeritus
Steven Bigler Art
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Felipe Echeverria Art Professor
Julie Nelson Director, Gallery of Art Unspecified
Christine Streed Art Associate Professor
Thomas Stancliffe Art Associate Professor
David Delafield Unspecified Emeritus
Charles Adelman Art Associate Professor
Richard Colburn Art Associate Professor
Cynthia Bickley-Green Art Assistant Professor
Matthew Sugarman Art
Professional Development Leave, academic year.
Associate Professor
Allan Shickman Art Associate Professor
Vera Siddens Art Professor
William Lew Head Professor
Philip Fass Art Assistant Professor
Roy Behrens Art Professor
JoAnn Schnabel Art Assistant Professor
Jeffery Byrd Art Assistant Professor
Anna Martin Art Assistant Professor
Karen Kakas Art Assistant Professor
Deborah Zlotsky Art Assistant Professor
John Page Unspecified Emeritus
Kee-Ho Yuen Art Assistant Professor
Name Role Rank
James Heian Accounting Associate Professor
Ronald Abraham Accounting Assistant Professor
Timothy Lindquist Accounting Assistant Professor
LaVerne Andreessen Accounting Assistant Professor
James Helan Accounting Associate Professor
Dennis Schmidt Accounting Associate Professor
John MacArthur Accounting Associate Professor
Lee Nicholas Accounting Assistant Professor
Margaret Tanner Accounting Assistant Professor
Stephen Jakubowski Accounting Assistant Professor
Darrel Davis Accounting Associate Professor
Jane Ward Accounting Instructor
Hollis Ashbaugh Accounting
On leave.
Hollis O'Hare Accounting Instructor
A. Smith Head Professor
Gaylon Halverson Accounting Professor
Cooperative Education
Name Role Rank
Allan Stamberg Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Duane Bartak Head Professor
Russell Wiley Chemistry Assistant Professor
Kirk Manfredi Chemistry Assistant Professor
Howard Lyon Unspecified Emeritus
Paul Rider Chemistry
Executive Director, Iowa Academy of Science.
James Kercheval Unspecified Emeritus
Nancy Simet Chemistry Instructor
Amy Phelps Chemistry Assistant Professor
James Chang Chemistry Professor
Ira Simet Chemistry Associate Professor
Ching Woo Chemistry Professor
LeRoy McGrew Chemistry Professor
Kate Doan Chemistry Assistant Professor
Linda Paar Unspecified Assistant
Curtiss Hanson Chemistry Assistant Professor
James MacMillan Chemistry Associate Professor
Erwin Richter Chemistry Professor
Wanda Lee Wehner Unspecified Emeritus
Counseling Center
Name Role Rank
Paula Gilroy Counselor
Disabled Student Services Coordinator.
Martin Edwards Counselor Unspecified
Kenneth Jacobsen Coordinator Unspecified
JoAnn Cummings Coordinator
Adult programs.
Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services
Name Role Rank
Iradge Ahrabi-Fard Head Volleyball Coach Professor
Elton Green Unspecified Emeritus
James Hall Head Men's and Women's Swimming Coach Instructor
Barbara Yager Unspecified Emeritus
Jeanette Marsh Coordinator of General Education Division Assistant Professor
William Lawson Assistant Men's Track Coach Instructor
Sue Ann Joslyn Health Education Assistant Professor
Cathy Martinez Director, Institute for Youth Leadership Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Noble Assistant Swimming and Diving Coach Instructor
Terri Soldan Assistant Women's Track and Cross Country Coach Instructor
Debra Jordan Leisure Services Assistant Professor
Joseph Wilson Leisure Services Assistant Professor
Daniel McDonald Leisure Services Assistant Professor
Jane Mertesdorf Coordinator of Leisure Services Division Assistant Professor
Alfonso Scandrett Unspecified Assistant Professor
Kathleen Kerr Physical Education Associate Professor
Patricia Fultz Leisure Services Assistant Professor
Carol Phillips Physical Education Assistant Professor
Emily Bontz Unspecified Emeritus
James Anderson Unspecified Emeritus
Elinor Crawford Unspecified Emeritus
M. Sevy Unspecified Emeritus
Jerome Kotecki Health Education
Assistant Professor
Wanda Green Physical Education Assistant Professor
Cynthia Ensign Physical Education Associate Professor
Jane Richards Health Education Assistant Professor
Dennis Cryer Unspecified Associate Professor
Godfrey Stych Unspecified Emeritus
Kenneth Green Head Men's Golf Coach Associate Professor
Donald Briggs Head Wrestling Coach Instructor
Sharon Huddleston Physical Education Associate Professor
Betty Swanson Unspecified Emeritus
Nancy Hamilton Physical Education Associate Professor
Robert Long Leisure Services Associate Professor
Lea Ann Shaddox Head Women's Track and Cross Country Coach Instructor
Glen Henry Physical Education Associate Professor
William Thrall Unspecified Emeritus
Meredith Bakley Softball Coach Instructor
Patricia Geadelmann Director, Government Relations Professor
Dorothy Moon Unspecified Emeritus
Donald DeGraaf Leisure Services Assistant Professor
Dennis Remmert Physical Education Assistant Professor
Marchell Austin Assistant Athletic Trainer Instructor
Carole Hanson Leisure Services Associate Professor
Jeannette Rogers Peterson Unspecified Emeritus
Nancy Bowers Assistant Athletic Trainer Instructor
Donald Erusha Physical Education Associate Professor
Christopher Edginton Director Professor
Forrest Dolgener Physical Education Professor
Larry Hensley Unspecified Professor
Elmer Kortemeyer Unspecified Emeritus
Thomas Davis Health Education Associate Professor
Terry Noonan Head Athletic Trainer Unspecified
Barbara Darling Unspecified Emeritus
Ripley Marston Physical Education Associate Professor
Susann Doody Associate Dean, College of Education Professor
Carol Cooper Physical Education Associate Professor
Donna Thompson Physical Education Associate Professor
Gordon Mack Director, American Humanics Unspecified
Fred Kolkhorst Physical Education Assistant Professor
Dining Services
Name Role Rank
R. Ruby FOCUS Coordinator Unspecified
Modern Languages
Name Role Rank
Michael Oates French Professor
Antonio Planells Head Professor
Colette Walther Unspecified Instructor
Edward Jamosky Russian
Phased retirement.
Assistant Professor
Flavia Vernescu French Assistant Professor
Hildegard Morales-Gomez Spanish Instructor
Donald Hawley Spanish Professor
Elisa Rosales Spanish Assistant Professor
Andre Walther French Assistant Professor
Siegrun Wildner German Instructor
Karl Odwarka Unspecified Emeritus
Sonia Yetter Russian Assistant Professor
Samuel Nodarse Unspecified Emeritus
Henri Chabert Unspecified Emeritus
George Zucker Spanish Professor
Jurgen Koppensteiner German Professor
Manuel Febles Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Krueger Spanish and Portuguese Associate Professor
Adolfo Franco Unspecified Emeritus
Raul Munoz Spanish Professor
Jacques Dubois French Assistant Professor
Terri Gebel Spanish Instructor
Jane K. Schwartz Unspecified Emeritus
Nile Vernon Spanish Associate Professor
Fritz Konig German Professor
Reinhold Bubser German Professor
Name Role Rank
Randall Krieg Economics
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Associate Professor
Ernest Raiklin Economics
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Associate Professor
Bulent Uyar Economics Associate Professor
Janet Rives Economics
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Fred Abraham Head Professor
Charles Strein Coordinator Associate Professor
Charles Gillette Unspecified Emeritus
Bruce Anderson Economics Professor
Mahmood Yousefi Economics Professor
Barbara Mardis Economics Instructor
Craig Mitchell Economics Instructor
Kenneth McCormick Economics Professor
David Hakes Economics Associate Professor
Donald Cummings Economics Assistant Professor
Donn Johnson Economics Assistant Professor
Ronald Hook Economics Instructor
Name Role Rank
Pauline Sauer Unspecified Emeritus
Terence Vidal Collections Manager Unspecified
Sue Grosboll Director, Museum Adjunct Professor
Name Role Rank
Feredon Behroozi Head Professor
Roger Hanson Physics
Phased retirement.
Robert Ward Physics and Science Education Associate Professor
Hilliard Macomber Physics Professor
Ralph Engardt Physics
Phased retirement.
Associate Professor
Roy Unruh Physics and Science Education Professor
Paul Shand Physics Assistant Professor
Willard Poppy Unspecified Emeritus
Verner Jensen Unspecified Emeritus
Dale Olson Physics Professor
Francis Vilmain Unspecified Emeritus
Gerald Intemann Dean, College of Natural Sciences Professor
Peter Hoekje Physics Assistant Professor
Mohammed Jibaly Physics Assistant Professor
Philosophy and Religion
Name Role Rank
David Morgan Philosophy Assistant Professor
William Clohesy Philosophy Associate Professor
Harold Bernhard Unspecified Emeritus
David Crownfield Religion and Philosophy Professor
David Bluhm Unspecified Emeritus
Fred Hallberg Philosophy Associate Professor
James Robinson Religion Associate Professor
Margaret Holland Philosophy Assistant Professor
Jerome Soneson Religion Assistant Professor
Shivesh Thakur Head Professor
Edward Amend Head Professor
Martha Reineke Director, Women's Studies Assistant Professor
Thomas Thompson Philosophy
Phased retirement.
Scharron Clayton Assistant Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts Associate Professor
Communicative Disorders
Name Role Rank
Hugo Beykirch Audiology Associate Professor
Judith Harrington Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Professor
Roy Eblen Unspecified Emeritus
Joseph Smaldino Head Professor
Myra Boots Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Professor
Ralph Schwartz Unspecified Emeritus
Richard McGuire Speech-Language Pathology Associate Professor
Carlin Hageman Speech-Language Pathology Associate Professor
Lauren Nelson Speech-Language Pathology Associate Professor
Clifford Highnam Speech-Language Pathology Associate Professor
Theresa Kouri Director, Clinic Instructor
Bruce Plakke Audiology Associate Professor
Social Work
Name Role Rank
Donald Wright Social Work Instructor
James McCullagh Social Work Professor
Thomas Keefe Head Professor
Katherine Van Wormer Social Work Associate Professor
Carole Henkin Social Work Associate Professor
Mitchell Greene Unspecified Emeritus
James Hanson Social Work Assistant Professor
Suzanne McDevitt Social Work Assistant Professor
Ruth Anderson Unspecified Emeritus
Maria Carroll Social Work Assistant Professor
William Downs Director, Center for the Study of Adolescence Professor
Name Role Rank
Edward Voldseth Unspecified Emeritus
Lyle Bowlin Director, Small Business Development Center Unspecified
Timothy McKenna Operations Auditor Unspecified
Lowell Norland Director, Community Services Unspecified
Richard Stinchfield Executive Assistant to the President Unspecified
Duane McDonald Director, Conference and Visitors Bureau Unspecified
Philip Hibbard Coordinator Unspecified
Norman Story Unspecified Emeritus
Cindy Angel Research Manager Unspecified
John Conner Vice President for Administration and Finance Unspecified
Eunice Dell Assistant Vice President, Administration and Finance
Budget Director.
Douglas Jensen Assistant to the Vice President for Administration and Finance Unspecified
John Konefes Director, Iowa Waste Reduction Center Unspecified
Constantine Curris President Professor
Sue Follon Vice President for Educational and Student Services Unspecified
Thomas Romanin Associate Vice President, Educational and Student Services Unspecified
Kay Davis Academic Advisor, College of Education Instructor
Alumni Relations
Name Role Rank
Noreen Hermansen Director Unspecified
Jeffrey Liebermann Assistant Director Unspecified
Broadcasting Services
Name Role Rank
Carl Jenkins Assistant Director Unspecified
Douglas Vernier Director Unspecified
Jons Olsson Assistant Director Unspecified
Educational Media Center
Name Role Rank
Joseph Marchesani Coordinator, Television Services Assistant Professor
Terry Goro Coordinator Unspecified
Robert Hardman Director Professor
Name Role Rank
Robert Wyatt Finance Associate Professor
Geofrey Mills Assistant Dean, College of Business Administration Associate Professor
Andrew Thompson Head Professor
Hans Isakson Director, Real Estate Education Program Professor
Mir Zaman Finance Assistant Professor
Arthur Cox Finance Assistant Professor
A. Okoruwa Finance and Real Estate Assistant Professor
Allen Rappaport Finance Professor
Name Role Rank
Merrill Fink Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Leahy Unspecified Emeritus
Lewis Glenn Unspecified Emeritus
Philip Patton Registrar Unspecified
Mary Engen Associate Registrar
Douglas Koschmeder Assistant Registrar
Information management.
Jack Wielenga Director
Student records and retention.
Financial Aid
Name Role Rank
Roland Carrillo Director Unspecified
Judith Decker Associate Director Unspecified
Samuel Barr Assistant Director
Information Management.
Brian Will Assistant Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Paul Chao Marketing Associate Professor
Gordon Patzer Head Professor
Kadiampatti Rajendran Marketing Assistant Professor
Pola Gupta Marketing Assistant Professor
Dennis Clayson Marketing Associate Professor
Karen Glynn Marketing Assistant Professor
Clair Rowe Unspecified Emeritus
George McDonald Unspecified Emeritus
Mohammed Rawwas Marketing Assistant Professor
Steven Corbin Marketing Associate Professor
Michael Klassen Marketing Associate Professor
Gordon Denton Unspecified Emeritus
Saul Diamond Unspecified Emeritus
Information Systems and Computing Services
Name Role Rank
Merlin Taylor Administrator
Voice Systems.
J. Yohe Director Adjunct Professor
John Miller Coordinator, Consulting Center Unspecified
Thomas Peterson Associate Director Unspecified
Steven Moon Assistant Director Unspecified
Marty Mark Network Coordinator Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Robert Hartman Associate Director
Named Director of Residence effective March 1, 1994.
Drake Martin Coordinator Unspecified
Daniel Gleissner Assistant Director
Facilities administration.
Ramona Milius Associate Director
Dining Services.
Margaret Empie Assistant Director
Clark Elmer Director
Became full-time Director of Enrollment Management and Admissions, March 1, 1994.
Design, Family and Consumer Sciences
Name Role Rank
Josephine Megivern Unspecified Emeritus
Barbara Caron Unspecified Assistant Professor
Annette Lynch Unspecified Assistant Professor
Phyllis Conklin Nutrition and Food Science Assistant Professor
Melba Widmer Design and Human Environment Assistant Professor
Hattie Middleton Unspecified Instructor
Sharon Mord Unspecified Instructor
Joel Wells Family Services Associate Professor
Barbara Pershing Unspecified Associate Professor
Ronald Chung Head Professor
Joanne Spaide Nutrition, Food Science, and Dietetics Associate Professor
Mary Franken Family Services Professor
Janice Morgan Design, Family and Consumer Sciences Education Associate Professor
Marilyn Story Unspecified Professor
Edna G. Shores Unspecified Emeritus
Olive Holliday Unspecified Emeritus
Military Science
Name Role Rank
Timothy Rippe Head
Military rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
Monty Hayes Military Science
Military rank of Captain.
Assistant Professor
Kent Wales Military Science
Military rank of Captain.
Assistant Professor
Health Services
Name Role Rank
Susan Koch Health Education Assistant Professor
Kathleen Gulick Coordinator, Wellness Unspecified
Julie Thompson Health Educator Unspecified
Joan Thompson Health Aid Coordinator Unspecified
Academic Advising
Name Role Rank
Janice Abel Unspecified Emeritus
Karen Agee Coordinator, Reading and Learning Strategies Unspecified
Reginald Green Director Unspecified
Virginia Spiegel Assistant Director Unspecified
Planning Administration
Name Role Rank
Paul Butler-Nalin Administrator Unspecified
William Dibrito Coordinator, Institutional Research Unspecified
Instructional Resources and Technology Services
Name Role Rank
Matthew Kollasch Director Unspecified
Public Relations Services
Name Role Rank
Susan Chilcott Director Unspecified
Vicki Grimes Manager, Information and Feature Services Unspecified
Gerald Anglum Assistant to the Director Unspecified
Donald Kelly Unspecified Emeritus
Gwennette Culpepper Publications Specialist Unspecified
Earth Science
Name Role Rank
Siobhan Morgan Astronomy Assistant Professor
Lynn Brant Geology Assistant Professor
Kenneth De Nault Geology Associate Professor
Thomas Hockey Astronomy Associate Professor
Timothy Cooney Unspecified Professor
James Walters Geology Professor
Alan Czarnetzki Earth Science Assistant Professor
Walter DeKock Unspecified Emeritus
Wayne Anderson Head Professor
International Studies
Name Role Rank
Robert Leestamper Assistant Vice President Unspecified
Germana Nijim Director Unspecified
Continuing Education and Special Programs
Name Role Rank
Louise Hagen Culture and Intensive English Program Instructor
Kevin Curry Culture and Intensive English Program Instructor
James Bodensteiner Director of Credit Programs Unspecified
Virginia Hash Culture and Intensive English Program Associate Professor
Educational Opportunities Programs
Name Role Rank
Charles Means Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Director of Educational Opportunity Programs and Community Services.
Adjunct Associate Professor
Richard Frye Director Unspecified
Institutional Research
Name Role Rank
Gerald Bisbey Unspecified Emeritus
Affirmative Action
Name Role Rank
Winston Burt Director
Adjunct Professor of Social Work.
Adjunct Professor
Grants and Contracts
Name Role Rank
Edward Ebert Administrator Unspecified
Controller's Office
Name Role Rank
Gary Shontz Controller and Secretary Unspecified
Bruce Rieks Assistant Controller
Chief Accountant.
Individual Studies
Name Role Rank
Nancy Bramhall Administrator Unspecified
Facilities Planning
Name Role Rank
Leland Thomson Unspecified Emeritus
Morris Mikkelsen Director
University Architect.
David Walter Associate Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
John Mixsell Director Unspecified
Donald Walton Unspecified Emeritus
Name Role Rank
Roxanne Conrad Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Dennis Hendrickson Associate Director Unspecified
Daniel Schofield Assistant Director
High School Relations.
Christie Kangas Assistant Director
Transfer Relations.
Physical Plant
Name Role Rank
Duane Anders Director Unspecified
Public Safety
Name Role Rank
Dean Shoars Director Unspecified
David Zarifis Assistant Director Unspecified
Administrative Services
Name Role Rank
Richard Douglas Unspecified Emeritus

The UNI Faculty Roster includes faculty and some staff members, and is compiled from a variety of sources, including yearbooks, UNI budget books, and UNI Faculty Senate documents. Please note that this database is a reference aid only and is not an official record of UNI's Human Resource Services. 

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