UNI Faculty Roster (1876-Present)


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Academic Advising
Name Role Rank
Janice Abel Coordinator Unspecified
Karen Agee Coordinator, Reading and Learning Strategies Unspecified
Reginald Green Assistant Coordinator Unspecified
Jean Neibauer Academic Advisor Unspecified
Academic Computing Center
Name Role Rank
James Wolf Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Ronald Abraham Accounting Assistant Professor
LaVerne Andreessen Accounting Assistant Professor
Darrel Davis Accounting Associate Professor
Evelyn Duesbury Unspecified
Adjunct Instructor
Gaylon Halverson Head Professor
John MacArthur Accounting
On leave.
Assistant Professor
Lee Nicholas Accounting Assistant Professor
Jon Norem Accounting Assistant Professor
Michael Rod Accounting Assistant Professor
Gene Sandell Unspecified Instructor
Jeffrey Vermeer Unspecified
On leave.
Assistant Professor
Administrative Services
Name Role Rank
Donald Greene Unspecified Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Dennis Hendrickson Associate Director Unspecified
Noreen Hermansen Associate Director Unspecified
Germana Nijim International Student Advisor Unspecified
Donald Scoles Assistant Director Unspecified
Jack Wielenga Director Unspecified
Affirmative Action
Name Role Rank
Marilyn Monteiro Unspecified Unspecified
Alumni Services and Development
Name Role Rank
William Calhoun Assistant Director Unspecified
Ellen Leslie Assistant Director Unspecified
Lavern Miller Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Charles Adelman Art Assistant Professor
Hale Anderson Art Assistant Professor
Kathleen Anderson Unspecified
Assistant Professor
Steven Bigler Art Associate Professor
Richard Bigus Art Assistant Professor
Fred Burton Art Assistant Professor
Marjorie Campbell Unspecified Emeritus
Barbara Cassino Art Associate Professor
Richard Colburn Art
Assistant Professor
David Delafield Unspecified
Part-time service.
Felipe Echeverria Art Associate Professor
Reed Estabrook Art
On leave.
Associate Professor
Donald Finegan Art Professor
Kenneth Gogel Art Professor
Harry Guillaume Unspecified Emeritus
Paula Hanus Unspecified Instructor
Shirley Haupt Art Professor
Clifford Herrold Unspecified Emeritus
Sherry Leedy Art Assistant Professor
Onyile Onyile Art Instructor
John Page Art
Phased retirement.
Daniel Powell Art Assistant Professor
Allan Shickman Art Assistant Professor
Vera Siddens Art Associate Professor
Daniel Stetson Director, Gallery of Art Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Virginia Berg Biology Assistant Professor
Barton Bergquist Biology Assistant Professor
Bernard Clausen Biology Associate Professor
Virgil Dowell Biology Professor
John Downey Dean, Graduate College Professor
Lawrence Eilers Biology Professor
Robert Goss Biology Professor
Albert Haman Biology Associate Professor
Cherin Lee Biology Instructor
David McCalley Biology and Science Education Associate Professor
Clifford McCollum Unspecified Emeritus
Alan Orr Biology Professor
Warren Picklum Biology Associate Professor
Dixon Riggs Biology Associate Professor
Roy Saigo Dean, College of Natural Sciences Professor
Orlando Schwartz Biology Assistant Professor
Robert Seager Biology Assistant Professor
Virginia Seymour Unspecified Assistant Professor
Robert Simpson Biology Associate Professor
Daryl Smith Head Professor
E. TePaske Biology Professor
Paul Whitson Biology Professor
Nixon Wilson Biology Professor
Leonard Winier Unspecified Emeritus
Broadcasting Services
Name Role Rank
Carl Jenkins Assistant Director Unspecified
Jons Olsson Assistant Director Unspecified
Douglas Vernier Director Unspecified
Budget Administration
Name Role Rank
Eunice Dell Research Analyst Unspecified
James Stampp Administrator Unspecified
Name Role Rank
Karen Nantz Coordinator Unspecified
Business Office
Name Role Rank
Philip Jennings Unspecified Emeritus
Bruce Rieks Accountant Unspecified
Bruce Rieks Accountant
Senior Accountant, Administration and Grants.
Gary Shontz Controller and Secretary Unspecified
Business Services
Name Role Rank
Richard Douglas Director Unspecified
Name Role Rank
James Chang Chemistry Professor
Robert Hanson Unspecified Professor
James Kercheval Unspecified Emeritus
Howard Lyon Chemistry Assistant Professor
James MacMillan Chemistry Associate Professor
LeRoy McGrew Head Professor
Linda Paar Unspecified
Erwin Richter Chemistry Associate Professor
Paul Rider Chemistry Professor
Wanda Lee Wehner Chemistry Assistant Professor
Russell Wiley Chemistry Assistant Professor
Leland Wilson Unspecified Emeritus
Ching Woo Chemistry Professor
Communication and Theatre Arts
Name Role Rank
Shan Ayers Theatre Technician Unspecified
Jeanne Batridge Unspecified
Margaret Berghammer Unspecified Assistant Professor
Mary Bozik Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Phyllis Carlin Interpretation
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Associate Professor
Thomas Carlisle Theatre Associate Professor
Carol Colburn Theatre
On leave.
Assistant Professor
Lorraine Commeret Unspecified Assistant Professor
R. Conklin Communication Studies Professor
Jay Edelnant Director of Theatre Associate Professor
Charlotte Selma Elizabeth Eilers Unspecified Emeritus
John Gentile Unspecified
George Glenn Theatre Professor
Gary Hall Head
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Associate Professor
William Henderson Director of Forensics Associate Professor
Marvin Jensen Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Henry Knerr Business Manager Unspecified
Dean Kruckeberg Public Relations Assistant Professor
William Lenihan Unspecified Assistant Professor
Clinton Nelson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Neil Phillips Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Byron Renz Unspecified Assistant Professor
Mary Renz Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Kenneth Risch Unspecified Assistant Professor
Randall Rose Unspecified Assistant Professor
Charles Scholz Unspecified Assistant Professor
James Skaine Communication Studies Assistant Professor
Miriam Smith Unspecified Emeritus
Mark Sorensen Broadcasting Adjunct Instructor
Harvey Sweet Theatre Associate Professor
Lillian Wagner Unspecified Emeritus
John Walsh Unspecified Instructor
Richard West Communication Studies Adjunct Instructor
Communicative Disorders
Name Role Rank
Hugo Beykirch Audiology Associate Professor
Myra Boots Speech Pathology Assistant Professor
Roy Eblen Speech Pathology
Phased retirement.
Ernest Fossum Unspecified Emeritus
Carlin Hageman Unspecified Assistant Professor
Judith Harrington Speech Pathology Assistant Professor
Clifford Highnam Speech Pathology Associate Professor
Bruce Plakke Audiology Assistant Professor
Ralph Schwartz Speech Pathology and Audiology Associate Professor
Joseph Smaldino Head Associate Professor
Continuing Education and Special Programs
Name Role Rank
James Bodensteiner Coordinator Adjunct Instructor
Pamela Howard Culture and Intensive English Program Instructor
Sandra Peters Culture and Intensive English Program Instructor
Cooperative Education
Name Role Rank
Allan Stamberg Director Unspecified
Counseling Center
Name Role Rank
Norman Story Director Unspecified
Counseling, Placement, and Career Services
Name Role Rank
Sherry Candee Career Information Specialist Unspecified
JoAnn Cummings Counselor
Also Coordinator of Counseling Programs for Adult Students.
Martin Edwards Counselor Unspecified
Kenneth Jacobsen Coordinator Unspecified
Larry Routh Director Unspecified
Larry Steinhauser Counselor Unspecified
Curriculum and Instruction
Name Role Rank
Mary Aldridge Unspecified Associate Professor
Ernest Dishner Associate Dean, College of Education Professor
Mary Eakin Unspecified Emeritus
Ivan Eland Director of Safety Education Associate Professor
Russell Euchner Education Assistant Professor
Nellie Hampton Unspecified Emeritus
Jeanne Harms Education
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Associate Professor
Catherine Hatcher Unspecified Associate Professor
Marvin Heller Education Associate Professor
Max Hosier Education Professor
Esther Hult Unspecified Emeritus
Roger Kueter Unspecified Associate Professor
Loretta Kuse Education Assistant Professor
Frank Martindale Unspecified Emeritus
Charles May Head Professor
David Moore Reading Associate Professor
Sharon Moore Reading Assistant Professor
Maureen Oates Unspecified Adjunct Instructor
Ned Ratekin Education Professor
Julia Sparrow Unspecified Emeritus
Gregory Stefanich Education
On leave.
John Wedman Unspecified Assistant Professor
Curriculum Laboratory
Name Role Rank
Cynthia Cummings Materials Coordinator Unspecified
Julie Wilkinson Unspecified Assistant
Data Processing
Name Role Rank
L. Hilliard Director Unspecified
Thomas Peterson Associate Director Unspecified
Merlin Taylor Assistant Director Unspecified
Dining Services
Name Role Rank
R. Ruby FOCUS Coordinator Unspecified
John Zahari Associate Director of Residence Unspecified
Earth Science
Name Role Rank
Wayne Anderson Head Professor
Lynn Brant Geology Assistant Professor
Kenneth De Nault Geology
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Associate Professor
Walter DeKock Science Education Associate Professor
Darrel Hoff Astronomy and Science Education Professor
Lawrence Kelsey Astronomy and Science Education Assistant Professor
James Walters Geology Associate Professor
Name Role Rank
Fred Abraham Economics Associate Professor
Bruce Anderson Head Professor
Donald Cummings Economics Assistant Professor
Charles Gillette Economics Associate Professor
Richard Hansen Economics Assistant Professor
Kenneth McCormick Economics Assistant Professor
Janet Rives Economics Associate Professor
Charles Strein Economics Assistant Professor
Mahmood Yousefi Economics Associate Professor
Educational Administration and Counseling
Name Role Rank
James Albrecht Education Professor
Robert Brimm Unspecified Emeritus
Fred Carver Dean, College of Education Professor
Robert Decker Education Assistant Professor
Robert Frank Unspecified Professor
Donald Hanson Unspecified Professor
Jack Kimball Education Associate Professor
William Kline Unspecified Assistant Professor
Howard Knutson Unspecified Emeritus
Robert Krajewski Head Professor
Robert Lembke Education Associate Professor
Norman McCumsey Education Associate Professor
Audrey Smith Education Assistant Professor
Wayne Truesdell Unspecified Emeritus
Ann Vernon Education Associate Professor
Educational Media Center
Name Role Rank
Robert Eller Coordinator of Audio-Visual Services Assistant Professor
Terry Goro Coordinator Unspecified
Robert Hardman Director Professor
Sandra Hendrickson Manager Adjunct Instructor
Nancy Hinshaw Coordinator Adjunct Instructor
Joseph Marchesani Coordinator, Television Services Assistant Professor
Guy Wagner Unspecified Emeritus
Educational Opportunities Programs
Name Role Rank
Ira Tolbert Coordinator Unspecified
Educational Psychology and Foundations
Name Role Rank
George Ball Unspecified Emeritus
Jackson Baty Education Assistant Professor
Thomas Berg Education Associate Professor
Leander Brown Education Assistant Professor
Cheryl Budlong Unspecified Instructor
Charles Dedrick Education Associate Professor
William Dreier Education Professor
Ann Dunbar Education Associate Professor
Harley Erickson Education Professor
Stephen Fortgang Education Associate Professor
Leonard Froyen Education Professor
Sherry Gable Education Assistant Professor
Virginia Hash Associate Dean, Continuing Education and Special Programs Associate Professor
Lawrence Kavich Head Professor
Richard Lattin Education
Disability leave.
Key Lee Education Professor
Charles Means Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs for EOP/SCS Adjunct Associate Professor
Paul Porter Education Assistant Professor
Joseph Przychodzin Unspecified Emeritus
Basil Reppas Education Professor
Gordon Rhum Unspecified Professor
Bruce Rogers Education Associate Professor
Julia Rozendaal Education Assistant Professor
Edward Rutkowski Education Professor
Donald Schmits Education Associate Professor
Ralph Scott Director of Educational Clinic Professor
John Smith Education Associate Professor
Marlene Strathe Director of Research and Development Center Associate Professor
Beverly Taylor Education Professor
Jean Trout Education Associate Professor
Barry Wilson Education Associate Professor
Engineering Services
Name Role Rank
David Walter Director Unspecified
English Language and Literature
Name Role Rank
Kenneth Baughman English Assistant Professor
Daniel Cahill English Professor
Gerald Cawelti English Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Copeland English Assistant Professor
John Cowley Unspecified Emeritus
George Day English Professor
Bernard DeHoff English Associate Professor
Charlene Eblen English
Professional Development Leave, spring semester.
Assistant Professor
Louise Forest Unspecified Emeritus
Stephen Gaies Unspecified Associate Professor
Robert Gish English Professor
Cynthia Goldstein Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ralph Goodman Unspecified Associate Professor
Alden Hanson Unspecified Emeritus
James HiDuke English Assistant Professor
Grace Hovet English Associate Professor
Theodore Hovet English Professor
Genevieve Hubly English Associate Professor
Sally Hudson Unspecified Assistant Professor
Ross Jewell English
On leave.
Associate Professor
Valdon Johnson Unspecified Assistant Professor
J. Elaine Kalmar English Associate Professor
Jean Kimball English
Temporary, fall semester.
Adjunct Instructor
Jerome Klinkowitz English Professor
Geraldine LaRocque Director of Teacher Education Professor
Donald Loritz Unspecified Assistant Professor
Barbara Lounsberry English Associate Professor
Keith McKean Unspecified Emeritus
Marcel Pop-Cornis Unspecified
Adjunct Professor
Micaela Pop-Cornis Unspecified
Adjunct Instructor
Nancy Price English Professor
Lora Rackstraw English Associate Professor
Gail Remington Unspecified
Temporary, fall semester.
Adjunct Instructor
Thomas Remington English
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
H. Reninger Unspecified Emeritus
Jan Robbins Head Professor
Otis Schmidt English Assistant Professor
Carolyn Shields English and Linguistics
Professional Development Leave, fall semester.
Associate Professor
Francis Smith Unspecified Emeritus
Alice Swensen English Assistant Professor
Loren Taylor Unspecified Emeritus
Leo Van Lier English Assistant Professor
Robert Ward English Professor
Robley Wilson English Professor
Evelyn Wood English Associate Professor
Extension and Continuing Education
Name Role Rank
Raymond Schlicher Unspecified Emeritus
Facilities Planning
Name Role Rank
Morris Mikkelsen Architect Unspecified


The UNI Faculty Roster includes faculty and some staff members, and is compiled from a variety of sources, including yearbooks, UNI budget books, and UNI Faculty Senate documents. Please note that this database is a reference aid only and is not an official record of UNI's Human Resource Services. 

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